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Should I Marry An Older Girl
I am a christian & am 39 years old married to a 28 year old.We have ben married for the past 4 years now & by the grace of God we are so happy & content & comfortable with each other.If I had to do this all over again I would still choose my husband.When God brings you together you just know it.Allow God to be in control.If you have any doubts then its not the right relationship for you.

Are Magicians Demonic
Yes. Magicians are using demonic powers along with scientific phenomenon. Satan comes as an angel of light. A wolf in sheeps clothing. What appears harmless is not when it comes to illusions, majic, etc. Copperfield owns a Museum of majician artifacts complete with extensive books on witchcraft. It is called a Conjuring Library. Whatever a majician does is only a counterfeit, and he is enslaving himself to the spirits that give him the unnatural abilities.

I Really Hate My Husband
How difficult it is to deal with a stroke for everyone involved! Be aware that stroke effects different people in different ways, depending on where the damage was done to the brain. I would not give a stroke victim unfettered access to a bank account for the same reasons I would limit someone suffering from Alzheimer's.

Stroke sufferers have been changed physically, emotionally, and tempermentally. In most cases, the "old" personality returns over time. Get yourself involved with others who are going through the same thing, so you may realize you are not alone in you frustration. Others' experience can be extremely helpful for dealing with the complications of stroke, both for your own sanity as well as your husband's.

Testimonials During Church
It's a shame more churches don't provide the opportunity for testimonies to be shared. Developing a personal testimony helps us to stay on track with our spiritual growth and relationship with God. Sharing one's testimony encourages others to also get on track toward a deeper relationship with God, that they may also have a personal testimony of His Grace. For it is by our Testimony we convince others of God's goodness, not by bashing others with self-righteousness, harsh criticism and argument.

Characteristics Of Evil Angels
The characteristics of demons are marked by actions leading to strife, jealousy, hatred, discontent, argumentativeness, disobedience, complaint, stubbornness, thievery, blasphemy, lasciviousness(overt sexuality),cruelty, impatience, harsh criticism, planning to do evil, misleading, encouraging drunkenness, gossip,and false reports.

By no means a complete list, yet all characteristics of demons lead to encourage the perpetuation of sin. Demons have, as their function, the directive to cause us to sin, that we lose favor and fellowship with God.

Convince Her Jesus Is Real
Your Chinese friend appears to be caught in a dichotomy (double-minded). I would wonder WHY she wants to become a Christian?

Read and share John 14:21 with her-
"He that hath my comandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and I will manifest myself to him."

Jesus will show himself to her if she has the heart to find the Truth...yet she appears to think Christianity is like a country-club membership, something one joins for the social aspects and comaraderie.

How To Stop Abusive Husband
Pastor John Hagee once remarked-

"A woman strikes a man to be heard-
a man strikes a woman to quiet her."

Abuse merely perpetuates more abuse. Both of you need to discover adult communication and grow beyond these childish tactics. It will only get worse on this track.

Pray Out Loud Or Quietly
We are reminded that prayer must not be used to puff up our own self-importance, nor used as a weapon to deride or chastise others. The silent, humble prayer from the heart is by far more pleasing to God than the blustery, teach-others-by-saying-it-out-loud kind of prayer. Yet, we also must remember that prayers IN AGREEMENT accomplish much...and of need, must be vocalized that all can be focused on the same track.

Should She Date A Disabled Man
This world is full of those who only see success in visions of fairytale perfections. Your friend has made an admirable choice, and will be greatly blessed.

(...and there is likewise a disability that comes wrapped in a beautiful package, possessing a snobby attitude and self-centered is called PRIDE)

How To Love The Unlovable
I love the unloveable by:

1. thinking of them as when they were yet a baby, and recognizing that their "unlovability" is the result of a number of great pains and diappointments in their life

2. recognizing that the crusty outside is protecting a soft inside

3. praying for opportunity to be of service to them

No.3 works wonderfully with those who are particularly hateful- from
scripture: "if one should take thy coat, give him thy cloak, also"

Husband Is Controlling
Submission to one's husband is the duty of a wife. To submit means to be in AGREEMENT, not being a doormat. As an experiment, agree with everything he wants and provide no input of your own. Ask him for permission to do everything. Say nothing when he complains. Don't defend yourself.
A fighter needs another fighter to have a fight. Bend in his wind instead of trying to stand firm and immovable against it. This way you (and hopefully he) can see exactly what the issue is, here. There's more to this scenario than meets the eye, and his controlling acts are an attempt to explain something else going on from his point of view.

Did Solomon Go To Hell
Good question. He would have been relegated to the Bosom of Abraham, to await the Final Judgment. God knows.

What Does Jesus Mean To You
He is my Lord, my King, my friend. He is my comfort and my salvation. He is my strength, my light, and my help...He is my greatest treasure.

Explain Matthew 22:37-40
We must always keep in mind that the Commandments and all the ordinances were given to a people to teach them an entirely different way of life than they were accustomed to. Of necessity, we teach a child a "law" of "do not touch a hot stove" because he must learn something for his own good that is completely foreign to him.

The "law" was abolished because the people had placed so much weight on the letter of the Law, and made THAT their focus, all the while forgetting to put what they were taught into practice. There's a point when touching the stove again and again is simply stupid, as God surely must regard Man's continual running after sin.

The Bible Versus Science
I don't find the Bible to be contrary to Science at all. It may not stand in agreement with men who springboard off each other's speculations for the sake of their careers, but from the first words of Genesis 1:1, it is amazingly scientific. Check out the book of Job, sometime. It is more scientifically correct than most realize.

Demon Talking To My Husband
Here again we are faced with the need to define a "spirit". A spirit can be benevolent as it can be malevolent. Benevolent spirituality is a shared perception in alignment with those things Holy- perpetuating, life-giving and life-sustaining. The opposite is also true...the spiritual alignment of perception and thought that is punctuating--causing destruction, separation and Death is what we attribute to Satan. So yes, a demon is a spiritual alignment with those things destructive and hateful. "Satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy."

Jesus' Two Commandments
God's first simple, straightforward commands were beautifully precise -- but had to be further defined to become the 10 Commandments, that men could comprehend them.
All commands of God resort back to these two simple premises.

What Is Scientology Religion
Scientology, a social and mental prescription for "self-actualization", is the brain child of L. Ron Hubbard. It is denoted as a religion insomuch as we comprehend the social aspects of a religious body, fellowship and membership. It in no way is representative of God, but rather is a systematic approach for attaining a personal sense of enlightenment, referred to as being "clear". They pay for it.
The "cleared" Scientologist then charges others ($$$) who wish to attain to being "clear" for the time it takes to run the unclear through the system of questions, and the process repeats itself by the newly clear getting paid to recruit and clear others.

Are Tattoos Wrong
My youngest son took great interest in tatoos a couple of years ago and threatened to get a tatoo as soon as he was over 18. I reminded him that tatoos are the method of marking animals and slaves...and not to be forgotten, the Jews in the Nazi camps.
Horses have their upper lip tatooed as a means of asserting their registration. (thorobred racing horses and others)
The connotation of the tattoo signifying a mark of being "owned" was repugnant to him, and I haven't heard any more about it.

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