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Can You Remarry Your Spouse
If this man's wife is also a Christian remarriage would be wonderful, they would be equally yoked. As James says this could only be in accordance with God's will if the wife hasn't remarried in the meantime. If the wife is not a Christian, remarriage would now be an unequal yoking. Much prayer would be needed if that's the case (and I hope it isn't).

Did Jesus Build Crosses For Pay
As Jesus knew the end before the beginning I think that it is highly unlikely.

A Prophet Said I Will Not Marry
How do you know this person is a prophet? Has everything he/she prophesied come to pass? The bible tells us that we can know if someone is a true or false prophet by seeing if what they said came to pass. You have direct access to God so pray for His guidance in this. There are many false prophets about.

Goods Things About Your Marriage
I've been married for 40 years (to the same person!!!). We have a lovely family of both boys and girls and grandchildren whom we adore. We were both Christians when we met which got us off to a good start I guess as we were equally yoked. We don't agree on everything, even now, but sometimes people have to agree to disagree and on all the important issues we do agree or compromise (in turn). We each have our qualities that make us 'boss' over certain issues. There is no real big chief in this house.

Explain 1 Timothy 2:5
The way that he fits in is exactly the same way that you and I fit in to this. He, just like the rest of us, can go to God via the ONLY mediator between God and man, that is Jesus.

Where Is The True Praise Music
I dislike the overhead projection of hymns and choruses. It leaves people like myself, very short-sighted, unable to join in. My own church has hymn and chorus books, some of the hymns are very old fashioned but absolutely scriptural. My daughter's church has overhead projection as do many charismatic churches. The songs are just repetative and very tiring to sing, even if I know them. They stand for about an hour 'worshipping' this way before what I would call the service really starts.

Will Non-Baptized Go To Heaven

Would You Sign A Prenuptial
I think that asking someone to sign something like this shows there is not absolute trust of the intended marriage partner. No-one should be thinking of getting married to someone with whom they do not wish the share all their worldly goods. I think a lot of people would feel quite insulted if asked to sign one.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
The bible speaks of harps and lyres and other musical instruments and we are told to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I think that some of our churches spend far too large a part of each service on the music side of things and too little on the WORD & some are extremely noisy and are losing older members because of this but - each to his own. If your friend does not accept the bible there could be something in his/her 'holy book' that forbids instruments but the bible does not.

Esau Predestined For Hell
The word hate perhaps does not mean quite how we would mean it. Esau was the elder brother and he rejected the blessing which was really meant for him .Jacob got it by foul play in a way but at least God saw that Jacob really wanted that blessing so he got it. Perhaps it's showing us that we should accept what is on offer and not be ungrateful or waste what God has given us. As for what happened to Esau and if it were pre-planned I just do not know.

What Does Born Again Mean
Trinh do you accept that Jesus loves you so much that He died for YOU and that He did that to take any punishment that was really due to YOU? Do you also believe that He did this willingly, it was a sacrifice not murder? Do you believe that you are a sinner but now that He has paid the price you don't have to? Have you asked Him to come into your heart and life? If so, you are born-again and yes, ALL your sins are forgiven.

Becoming A Deacon A Call
Yes it is a call from God and not something you should do just because 'they' are desperate. Pray about it and seek God's calling. If He really is the one wanting you to do this He will tell you. That doesn't mean He won't put the idea in other people's minds as well but you should be left in no doubt whatsoever. He understands your priorities at home and He gave you children to love and to nurture.

Where Has The Rev Herb Gone
I was going to ask the same thing. I was thinking about him only yesterday and wondered whether he didn't know how to get to the questions now or whether he didn't like the new set up but I think he would have said so if the latter were the case. So many familiar names are missing, it's so sad. I also miss Crystal and Suzie Q but she's been gone for quite a while now.

Can A Dead Pastor See Jesus
There are a few people who claim similar things, that they have met Jesus and been allowed back to earth to preach to others or they've been to hell but been allowed out to come back and save others etc. I don't know of scriptures that support these kind of stories but I also don't see why anyone would lie about it either. They certainly seem genuinely saved and have a desire to see others saved also, but I know some who doubt these stories.

Are Abortions Ever Right
Jerry perhaps you are referring to James Robison. He was conceived through rape and has a powerful testimony to give. God has used that man wonderfully.

AG And Catholic Date
Foot washing, in Jesus' day, would have been the most humbling of jobs. As Alan has already said, it would not be an appropriate way to show that we wish to serve someone else in every part of the world or even in some parts of our own community. We can do humbling tasks for others to show our love though. There are many bed bound people who are left lieing in soiled sheets until a carer turns up hours late or who need the commode emptying. Not easy when walking with a zimmer frame.

Age That You Accepted Christ
I was 19 but it was to be another 10 years of more before I really started to behave like a Christian.

How Do You Stay Healthy
Linking to this subject of healthy eating is there anyone here (perhaps a nutritionist) who knows anything about changing to a completely raw food diet (I don't mean raw meat though). Is it safe to change immediately to something like that or do you know if it should be very gradual, cooking less and less as time goes on. I feel that we destroy so much of the goodness in our foods by cooking them and would like to change.

Abortion Victims Go To Heaven
How can anyone possibly believe that a child that God knew even before it was in its mother's womb would go anywhere other than Heaven? Phyliss it sound as though you not only believe in abortion but also the killing of a child after birth if there is something wrong with it (you wouldn't know if it's green or purple until it is born) and also the killing of a young (or older adult) if it joined the communist party (you couldn't know that at birth or earlier). Where do you get these ideas?

Why Some Blogs Deleted
I wonder why it is necessary for moderator to 'correct' spelling when it is an accepted fact that U.K. spelling is sometimes different from U.S.spelling. I recently sent in a question with the word jewellery in it which is correct but was altered to jewelry. I've also seen the word wives (correct) altered to wifes (incorrect. Moderator, if you must correct, p-l-e-a-s-e correct everytime someone uses ect. when they mean etc.

Moderator - You are hired for the job. There is no pay including long hours, and of course plenty of testy bloggers to deal with :)

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