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Christians Reprove And Rebuke
Absolutely not.. we must reprove and rebuke those in error, otherwise how will they know. If they do not receive the truth then that is another matter. This "not to offend" thing will send untold numbers of souls straight to hell.

Moderator - I agree 100%.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
I have been on a Disability Support Pension for a long time, and unless the Lord Jesus heals me totally I will be on it for the rest of my life. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it is wrong for someone who can put in a full day's work and is able to get a job to be on welfare, Christian or non-christian. The Bible says if you don't want to work, then you don't eat.

If Christianity Was A Crime
Just the fact that I openly confess Jesus with my mouth would be enough to land me in jail.

What Is Love According To God
True love of God will give to others expecting absolutely nothing in return. It is self-sacrificial and gives never expecting to receive.

Where Did God Live Before Genesis
Alan8869ofUK - I have already explained this the very best I can. Maybe if you read my more recent posts again you will get understanding and also if you pray about it the Lord will show you. If not, then please ask me specifically what it is you do not understand.

I Control My Husband
Many times the unsaved will use any excuse they can find to not get saved. Pray for him and don't stop. The Lord will deal with him.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
2/... Every human being has a God-given right to be married. It is nothing but barbaric and evil to tell a man he cannot marry - that is a lie. Of course it causes them to act out in ways that are obscene. And poor innocent children are the targets...the reason for that is they expect children to obey and be silent. I am glad to see that a whole lot of those children are now speaking out and that more lies of the RCC are being exposed.

Is Tithe A Tax On Personal Wealth
In the Bible, that is in the Old Testament, the tithe has nothing to do with finances. The tithe is not part of the New Testament. In the New we are told to give cheerfully, not of necessity.

The Last Days And Latter Days
I believe "last days" and "latter days" are both the same. We are now in the last days of the latter days. We are also now in the latter days of the last days.

She Wants Hysterectomy Now
Trish9863 - I do hope that you gave up compulsive shopping. According to what you believe you were still sinning while you were doing it.

Is There A Sinners Prayer
Romans 10:9,10 incorporates what should be confessed in the sinner's prayer.

Appropriate Christian Discipline
Maybe if you are feeling angry and disappointed then you should not spank them but verbally correct them, leaving the spanking for another time when you are calmer. Also, they should not be spanked over a certain age. Ten years old, maybe even a little younger.

Apocalyptic Salad Anti-Christ
Lettuce all go down to the river.

Bema Judgement In Revelation
What is "bema judgement" please?

Can Liberals Be Christians
I do not see how someone who calls themselves a Christian can say that any of God's word is a myth. The whole of God's Word is true, and if you really know God you will know that all of His Word is true.

Have You Seen An Angel
2/... The other time was a couple at a friend's shop. I obeyed a prompting to take a book there with me, but did not give it to them. We all exchanged names and addresses but never saw or heard from them again. As my friend was going up the stairs that night, he stopped and looked down at me and said "Helen, I think they were angels". I agreed with him. I really do think they were!

Is It Sin To Get Angry
I felt very angry towards a particular Bus driver yesterday and in my flesh wanted to go and tell him right in his face what I thought. So I told the Lord all about it instead, then silently forgave the man and prayed for him. He suddenly drove properly and was nice for the first time. Don't let the sun go down on your wrath -- normal to feel angry, but cut it right off.

Does Science Back Resurrection
2/... If you need science or anything else to "back it up" then you are not walking in faith. "Blessed are those who have believed and not seen".

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