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Explain The Bible Code Theory
I believe it is like turning the ToRaH into a great big ouija bord and letting the enemy have his way

God Doesn't Want Me Married
Well it does seem that God wants many of us men to be Alone, especially that many of us hate very much being all Alone to begin with. Really makes me wonder why would he Bless so many other men and women to find love and happiness together and punish us innocent ones this way?

USPS Stamp Shows Muslim Holiday
I dont understand why America feels lile we need to keep catering to Islam and letting those disgusting people invade our country.

Do Christians Watch Oscars
What team does Oscar play for? I need a last name, never heard of him...
Does this give you any clue as to what I watch? Personally, I'm not interested.

Hobby Lobby Government Fines
Trish, I have known the Lord for over 45 years. I have about as much muslim blood in me as obama has "christian" blood in him. By the way, in case you are wondering, I have no muslim blood in me.

Pay For Another's Baby
For those thinking that my ex-wife may have purposely got pregnant in an affair to get welfare, I can tell you that is not the case. We have never been on welfare, and since the affair she now lives with one of the black men she had the 4-way with who is a widely-known and very successful R & B recording artists. So I am quite sure they do not qualify to receive welfare, unless they are now giving welfare to millionaires? Who knows these days? Anyways, He is quite possibly the actual father of the baby. But they are demanding child support from me and my salary is nothing compared to what he makes, and the baby isn't even mine.

Pay For Another's Baby
willie c:, I do not believe my ex-wife and I could ever be reconciled. There also has been no paternity test. It's obvious the child is not mine as we are both white and the child is black. After the birth of the child she confessed to cheating on me with three black men at the same time. And quite frankly, no one knows for sure who the daddy is. But I think it's safe to say it's not me since two completely white people cannot have a black child and the three other men she was with were all black.

Romney Won The Debate
Trish it's simple, Obama bothers us more. You are talking about personal decisions Romney made for himself which have nothing to do with the decision for Americans. Obama on the hand is forcing his worldview on Americans and Christians. Sorry I am not a Muslim, don't believe in abortions, don't believe in taxing to death the people that provide the jobs, don't believe in giving our national security to Russia, etc.

Romney Won The Debate
Personally, I hope Obama does more of the same...

Lose Sinful Nature
The Apostle Paul, one of the most faithful believers ever, struggled with his sin nature, long after his conversion. (Romans 7). John is writing to believers in I John, and says that 'If we say we have no sin, we are deluding ourselves, and the truth is not in us.' Again, his audience is believers. Christians do sin, but if a person has absolutely no conviction of their sin I would question the genuineness of their faith.

Prayer Back In School
Jed, Trish just apologized and I believe you owe her an apology? Political party does not dictate whether one is a Christian or not. Please be respectful.

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