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Did Parents Marry Their Kids
In the beginning it was not sin for sisters to marry brothers. Later it was sin because the Lord said not to. Leviticus 18:6-16

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
A favorite trick on other venues and one that someone uses here is to fight with yourself for kicks.
When that's done, I leave the discussion.
I'd rather read a Yes or No from the Moderator, than 75 replies from the same person.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I have received the Holy Spirit of truth, and God is the God that changeth not.

If we received His truth at the moment we were changed from darkness into His light, why should we change with every wind of doctrine, being tossed about to and fro, changing from this to that.
Doubleminded men are unstable in all of their ways.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
I know that some have taken upon themselves a very ambitious mission to change the hearts of everyone to their way of thinking, but it's not going to happen for me.
The more highly competitive the fight to be right, the less I believe in the ambitious mission of works.
I believe in Jesus Christ. The bible says, Let God be God and every man a liar.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
If anything has changed, it would be that I am even stronger in my convictions for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, laying aside every weight, every detour, every false notion, every advertisement for someone's church, their pastor, their prophecies, their anything. Letting nothing get in my way of seeing clearly with my own eyes - truth from lies.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I've seen the personal agendas since the day I became involved here.
Those have never changed. I see that agenda everywhere I look, it's bizarre. Blogging here has made falsehoods pop into plain sight through my truth viewfinder.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
In support of ChristiaNet, it allows a broadbrush of views. There are other venues out there, but the views are not moderated as fairly as on CN.
Owner Bloggers moderate other venues with their own views based on faulty theology, whatever comes to their mind. Some are filtered through minds that are off their rocker. CN is a safe site. There is safety in a multitude of teachers.
I really don't care for the one-man band venues.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
I've always had a respect for the straight line that the Moderators take.
At times they allow alot of rope until someone is about to trip, then they pull the reins back. I'm speaking of the recent revival blogs, taking the road less traveled, but the higher road.
I respect the Moderators biblical edge when it comes to falling for every wind of doctrine.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
You can read every opinion on other venues and end up ready for the loony bin.
Some are writing from the bin, and they're doing more harm than good.
Sticking with CN, you won't find yourself being driven off of a cliff.
More is not better, it's just more.
85 words are enough. If the Mod wants to delete one of our replies, so be it.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
The most significant things I've learned have come through the Mod's articles, quizes, short but informative opinions.

I have learned the "tricks of the blogging trade" from bloggers, but not anything that you want to take with you when you go.

Beliefs Changed On ChristiaNet
Trix are for kids, but adults like tricks, too.
It is those tricks that leave me devoid of trust in any of their answers and why none of them have affected me.
It is the honesty of the Moderator that does affect me. It all comes down to trust and why I trust the Mod's opinions over all of the tricks that I have learned here.

A Short And Ugly Man Likes Me
Only God knows, and only you care about it..

Still Friends With Trouble Maker
Carla, would you have any more ideas about blogging with the mentally ill?
How do we blog without getting in too deep as you explained, since it makes little difference what we share, anyway.

How Do You Pray
Those who demand that you make a commitment to pray for their pray requests are quite selfish and self centered.
Those folks need to get off of me, and mine and pray for themselves.

How Do You Pray
The nature of self-centered, selfish prayers leads me to question if they have any concern whatsoever for the world around them in any capacity beyond self.
Do they care about the earthquake or tornado victims at all? Do they care about anything beyond an enormous profit for the sale of a house or a new car, a new this and a new that. For those folks, pray over your own wish list, I don't have the energy for any of those types of prayers.

Can A Demon Overtake A Christian
Bob, that was a great description. Thank you.

Stranger Asks For Money
Go back, find the man and empty out your purse. Give the man everything, including your checkbook, jewelry, keys to the car, and to your home. Give him the kids and husband, if they're driving you crazy.
Trade places with the stranger or homeless man, let him have your house and you take the underpass.

How Do You Pray
I have noticed that there are many shallow prayer requests in the prayer room. I don't pray for any of the "things". Make my boyfriend love me, I need my boyfriend to love me, any of that jibberish, forget it.
I ask for discernment as to what are true needs and if I see the same "shallow", "hallow" rather insincere requests, I dont' bother with them and I'm telling you the truth. I look for the ones that I sense are a real need and I pray for those.

Still Friends With Trouble Maker
Excellent advice, Carla. I'll take it.

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