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Are Old People Lonesome
Yes it is lonesome

Do Single Men Exist
I would not object but am probably far too old, and in the wrong place!

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
Geoff ... I'm not a clever guy like you, but even I was able to pick up that Eloy talks about three elements to the one God.
I don't see what he says as conflicting with the Trinity

Threatening Christians Today
Probably complacency ... both in those who know they are right in all doctrinal maters, and in those who are luke-warm.

Ten Emails For A Blessing
If I got one of those I would ignore it.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
Why should it be?
I thought from others here that New Orleans is the most evil place on earth.

Madonna Portrays Jesus
No ...she is just a foolish woman who is hoping to bolster her career & reputation by doing something shocking.

Aids And Adultery
Glenn ... I hope that the questioner meant that God hates the fact of a person dying of AIDS

Where Is My Soulmate
You are just setting another standard, by pointing out you are successful and financially independent. Relying on that is also a mistake.
What will attract a man is the whole of you.
And unless yuo join here as a penpa;l and show your identity on your blog, no-one here will see you and write personally to you, and maybe meet you ...leading to what you desire.

Hard To Be A Christian
Temptations? Frustrations because other Christians don't see things the way you/I see them? Disappointments, when things that some promise don't happen? Being misled or caused to doubt or wonder, about false doctrines? Realising that you can't stop that sin? Illness, financial difficulty ... why doesn't God look after me?

Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism
The theif on the cross was not baptised.
Jesus said "Come unto me ... & I will refresh you" ... no qualification there.
Read John 3.16 ... no qualification there, either.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
Perhaps previously he was behaving as well as he knew how.
Now you have slept with him, he reckons hae has got you dependent on him for sexual satisfaction, so you will not leave him
So there is now no need for him to behave so kindly as before.
Or maybe, after the thrill of the chase. he has become bored.

What Are New Age Churches
Moderator ... Thanks I knew that! But I was really wanting to know what the New Age movement in the Christian churches is. It is clearly different from what I have previously heard about, which has been outside Christianity, and involves crystals, spirits in trees, loving nature, "spiritual not religious" etc etc. Is there New Age within the churches, if so what is it?

Are There Aliens
I see the Moderator has made a stab at understanding what the question means. I though think the questioner may be asking about some sort of reincarnation, with us having come from, and then going on to, other lives in other worlds.

False Church Doctrines
Darlene ... I would say that if there are any that do this, they are just as much at fault.
But can yuo give an example of such omission, and its affect on the doctrine of the church concerend?

Negative Thoughts of His Ex-Wife
It is unfair to ask you this, bearing in mind the implications, but are you sure you know both sides of the story?

Can The Pope Have A Girlfriend
Helen ... in past days, many of them did ... thus the were many "nephews" of the Pope being given jobs. What they did with the "nieces", I don't know.
But I don't think it would be fair to say it is only Roman Catholics who have illicit girlfriends (or even boyfriends) becasue the same thing happens in all denominatons

Evangelism Dating Acceptable
Mod is right, but consider also this.
Why does one normally date?
Let's face it ... you fancy her, and you are using the "leading her to Christ" as an excuse to cover yourself.

Evening Made Before The Stars
Moderator ... your comment did not answer the question.
Incidently, how were the days measured, or was that before the world spun and before days and nights followed each other round the globe?

Moderator - 6 days.

Bill Gates Funding AIDS Research
Those comment are a sad reflection on today's moral standards.
But you objection lacks logic. You seem to object to AIDS research leading to people being able to have unprotected sex? Don't you also object to people having protected sex?
The aim of the research is to save lives, noit only of the participants, but also innocent wives, children, & rape victims. Don't yuo approve of that? ?

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