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How To Get The Holy Spirit
You recieve the "gift" of the Holy Spirit once you take in the diety of Christ. Read any one of the Gosples. The word of God clearly says in John 14 that he left the Holy Spirit for us. . . once we receive Jesus we receive the gift. Dont be bambozzoled by what "man" says. . . jumping about and rolling on the floor and such is not what we think. . .

Who Killed Jesus Christ
Donna I LOVED your reply.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
please read my responce once more dear. you did not understand my position. i do not do what you stated. i am more than 100 percent against paying a darn soothsayer to lie to me. please read again.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
please read my responce once more dear. you did not understand my position. i do not do what you stated. i am more than 100 percent against paying a darn soothsayer to lie to me. please read again.

Are There True Prophets
the word is not for sell period. i hope all understands that. but god can use an ass if he so wants.

Should We Pray To Saints
this is a major problem the body of christ has. . . trying to prove his or her positon with god to another. i will not use caps simply because it does not prove my heart. the one who matters and who hold me in his hands knows just how high i place him. and thats WAY above an old capital "g". . . these "traditions" and what-not is not what will get you in heaven. thats a man made thing. i dont worship man.

Why Church Of Christ Strict
i was reared under the Church of Christ and left when i became older. after now reading the word with understanding through the holy spirit i tried to go back to that fellowship and could not get past one service. their ways are to conflicting with what the bible teaches. this churh not only constrics women and others with gifts but also constrics the holy spirit. it was not the place of worship for me. woman can teach the young in sunday school but not the entire church on a sunday? hummmmm

The Law Of Attraction
do what the spirit leads you to do. but they way things are now you will find more mess in the next "church". understand that we are living our last days and right now the "church" is out of order as a whole. pray god's will and cover your family.

No Happiness Without A Man
you must understand that while being joined is god's will it may not be for us all ( i am single too but i have so much on my plate and need to be in line with god that i need no distractions). read pauls teachings on marriage. it should bring some comfort. better yet jump in a relationship! you will see! it opened my eyes!

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
amen caleb. many fear the move and works of the holy spirit. i think this person should so more reading. reading the word made me want a touch from god sooo bad! its like no other. god comes with power. we should all want that.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
catherine being slain in the spirit is a point when god anointing touches your spirit and embraces you. often this is a chance to let the holy spirit rid you from issues that my hinder your walk with god. being slain doesnt always me hitting the floor either. it could just be tears. but you will know when it happens.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
jesus/god is the only head of the church. peter aint nobody. . just like mary. . . a human born of sin. thou shall have no other gods before me. no man is the head of what god has made. people read the word for youself. stop following man. he will only lead you astray. he is human and is subject to error. like my typing!

Falling Away From God
cath. . . and you did not understand being slain in the spirit? ha the lord is upon thee woman. praise god.

I Never Knew You
it means you were not of his will. think on mega churhes with mega pastors who are filling the house up to the top. if he is not doing anything for the glory of god and just for this new "political" thing we now call "church" then its not god's will. our actions, all of them should be not for self but god. they were once christians but have fallen out of gods will and now act for self. and he knows not their name. they took a gift from god and used it for self.

Are There True Prophets
amen jack! i agree. i have sat and watch the money roll in from false "thus says the lord" pushers. but there are still true prophets. test the spirit by the spirit. also prophets will usually speak in line with god's word. also it is often a word of correction! he corrects those he loves.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
i concer. . . read the book isaiah. . . the devil prior to his being kicked out was the monister of music. remember he seeks to sift us like wheat.

Men Interested In Large Women
this question is quiet silly. . . if somone is having a problem dating because of their outward being they are not dealing with christians at all. Also check your bible. . . "dating" and boy friend and girl friend is not biblical. what is god's design for us as man and woman. . .

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