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What Is The Da Vinci Code

I am a converted christian.
Moderator - Are you stating you loss your faith in Jesus Christ because of reading the Da Vinci Code?

Statues Of Saints In My Home
Eve, did you know that a Christmas tree is a Christian symbol? Do you ever put one up? Did you know that a Christian church building is a Christian symbol? We could go wacky on this subject. You may be confusing artistry with idolotry.

Statues Of Saints In My Home
So true, we walk by faith not by sight. The Spirit lives within us. But you are not worshipping yourself, when you look in the mirror, true? Just because someone has pictures of loved ones around does not constitute worship. I have the memory of my mother within me but I like having her picture around, too. Christmas comes whether I have a tree or a nativity scene or any other decoration, but it is nice to have around me. I don't think people are saying they NEED a statue or a picture, they just like it.

Statues Of Saints In My Home
Where does any one who has a statue say that they are worshipping them? What I see is that the worship is to God. The statues, as pictures of family members, are reminders only. Some may even be decorations. So what? No one is worshipping them. Why does that misconception continue to be repeated?
Read carefully, for the only worship is to God, time in prayer to God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Statues Of Saints In My Home
Sometimes I sit where that particular statue may be which reminds me of Christ and His life compelling me to pray to God and reflect on Him at that moment. I have been in many different churches where windows have been designed to reflect a Saint's life or Jesus'. Sometimes I sit with photo albums and think about my friends and family & sometimes those, too, compel me to pray. In this crazy world, I think it is good to have such reminders.

Statues Of Saints In My Home
I have nativity scenes that are out each Christmas. My Baptist relative has hers out always, along with a collection of crosses. I also have a statue of Jesus carrying the cross. Each Christmas I look at the nativity scene and contemplate His birth andmore. Each time I pass by the cross I contemplate His death and more. Each time I pass by any statue(pertaining to heaven) I reflect on God and contemplate Him in my life.

Enjoy A Religious Education
The key to religious ed. is that as parents we must realize that we are the first and foremost teachers for our children. If one doesn't understand what they are taught one must take the responsibility to check it out and become more educated oneself. WE can make it as interesting and exciting as we want-just don't leave it ALL up to someone else. Be open and pray and keep learning.

Enjoy A Religious Education
My religous ed was in school and at home. In the curriculum and the way the people around us lived. It seems that it was always taught with and without my knowing it.The Sisters and the Priests were loving, resptectful and funny and reverent and always showing us how to treat others as Jesus taught. I am so greateful to them and to my family.

Mother Theresa In Heaven Or Hell
I believe her life reflected His Love.
Here are the words of Mother Theresa:
"There are so many religions and each one has its different ways of following God. I follow Christ:
Jesus is my God,
Jesus is my Spouse,
Jesus is my Life,
Jesus is my only Love,
Jesus is my All in All;
Jesus is my everything."
Jesus said love one another.The joy of the Lord is our strength."

Are Crosses A Graven Image
My dear Baptist mother-in-law gave us a beautiful Bible with beautiful pictures in it of the Holy FAmily and Jesus crucified. When our children were born my friends gave them children's Bibles with pictures throughout. They read them and kissed the pictures out of love for Jesus. Are you trying to tell me that this is idolotry? I agree with the reply from 'bible' earlier on the pure heart. Try to see with the eyes of God and your heart will reflect His Love rather than your judgements.

Denomination Follows Bible Best
Be concerned with following Christ and align yourself there.
Read books on the lives of the Saints and explore their journies.
Look to the Holy Spirit for guidance and look for Christ in all you meet.
Remember God knows the purity of our hearts and whether we cloud our minds with bias stereotypes or we open ourselves to Him.

Do Catholics Read Their Bible
Madison, I was also raised Catholic, attended Catholic school which had Bible classes in our curriculum, had Bibles of our own, as do my own children, and as a family prayed and read from it. We heard the Word of God every time we went to Mass, which is available every day, where you hear Readings from the OT, Psalms, the NT and the Gospels. WE take it and ponder in our hearts as we pray. So, every Catholic who goes to Mass hears the Word and many, like our family, study the Bible at home, too.

Abortion Victims Go To Heaven
Jennifer, I am praying for you. Please, know that you are not alone. Any Roman Catholic Church can help you find true peace, as they have with many in your situation, for they have organizations for this very situation. God loves you and so does the Church.

Drunk And A One Night Stand
Dear BIll,I am sorry for your circumstances and will pray for you. I would suggest that you talk honestly with your pastor, priest or spiritual advisor. Repenting is more than telling God you are sorry. How will you accept God's mercy? How will you show God that your love for your family is #1 behind Him? There is probably not enough space here to help you as I would like. But please know that God's mercy is miraculous-let your life and love show that you are worthy of it.

What Is A Rosary
madison, I am sorry that you feel that you were lied to. I don't talk to the dead either, for I believe that all in heaven are alive with God, for Jesus opened the gates of heaven that we shall have eternal life, therefore I ask people on earth as well as those in heaven to pray for me, including Jesus' parents. Jesus is the recipient of all those prayers. I hope that you find peace.

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
The Rosary is an aid for us imperfect beings to become closer to our Lord. The Bible is our aid, hymns, prayers and love for each other aid us in living out our devotion to God. Read St. Paul's letters, "praying always for you." We are given examples of praying for one another. If our family members are praying for us, is Jesus' own Blessed Mother not our mother, too, our family? I am confident in her prayers. And I welcome any words of love (prayers) she expresses of me to her Son.

Moderator - Since it's pagan and against scriptures why would you want to go against God?

What Is A Rosary
The Rosary is an aid to meditating on our Lord' life. The beginning of the Hail Mary prayer is taken directly from Scripture: The Angel Gabriel's announcement to her, her cousin Elizabeth's greeting, and the Magnificat; the second part is a petition asking the Mother of our Lord to pray for us--do we not ask our own friends and family to pray for us? Do we not repeat the Lord's prayer and songs in worship?

Moderator - It's against scripture to communicate with the dead.

What Is A Rosary
The best answers would come directly from a Catholic Priest or Religious or to a true Catholic website: Catholic Answers. A little bit to help out: Why Mary? She is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and we are to "honor our mother and father" and since Jesus is our brother she is our mother, too. Should we not honor the mother of our Lord?! The mother who gave us our saviour, cooperates fully and unconditionally with God which enabled you and me to be Christians.

Moderator - Which means we should honor her by worshipping and praying to Christ; not her.

What Is The Da Vinci Code

I am a converted christian.
Moderator - Are you stating you loss your faith in Jesus Christ because of reading the Da Vinci Code?

Da Vinci Code Anti-Christian
Christ is Human and Divine:Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. He is the Truth. Anything contrary to that is anti-Christ.

For more knowledge of the book's inaccurate church history read The Da Vinci Hoax.

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