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Did Judas Go To Heaven
so much is said about judas.what he thought in that moment we will never know.he gave him up for money but what about all the christians that has turn their ways then come back.remember he also rebuked thankful i serve a forgiving good.

Abortion Victims Go To Heaven
i believe that abortion in my situation was the better option than the life i would have had no choice but to give my child, every day i live with this agonisizing pain that i have given up, or 'murdered' my baby, and only find comfort in the fact that my son or daughter is currently being cared for by God, i hope my baby is waiting up there for me to finally hold, i am so so sorry.

Diabetes In Children
Yes, children certainly can become diabetic.
I have a nephew, who is now 52, who has had diabetes since age 7. It's a hard road for the child and the parents. Learn all you can about the disease and explain to your child as much about it as he/she is able to understand. There is so much more can be done today than 40 years ago. My nephew is a grampa today and has his diabetes well under control. IT wasn't always so, because he did a fair bit of drinking in his late teens and early twenties and that caused a lot of problems with his blood sugarlevels and going into diabetic coma. Don't despair! Focus on what your child can have rather than what he/she can't have. Blessings!

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
Iam horrifyed to read such evil opinions about RT KENDALL.In 2001 I and my husband got saved under his ministry at Westminster Chapel,and was baptised ,I have assurance that when I die I will go to Heaven,before I was in a dead church for 3 years.2001 is the best year of my life,RTkendall was used by THE LORD'' with his preaching to change and convert me to the truth of the GOSPEL ,he was always kind,his preaching was biblical,I have not found a church since,I miss his preaching very much.Also as christians we should not speak EVIL.Instead of criticizing look at what would THE LORD''do.We will be judged one day,let us not sin in vain,THE LORD'' bless you all with wisdom and understanding.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
No I don't think that bankruptcy is a sin, but I think it should be a last alternative. The Bible teaches us to owe no man but to love him, and I think to set up a payment plan and stick to it would also give the person in debt more peace of mind to know that they are actually making progress toward settling their debts and will also help to deter future indulgence to avoid the same situation, if this is the reason the debts were incurred.

Secretly In Love With Married Man
If you are born again, you know that the word of God demands that we be Christ like, so WHAT would Jesus do if He were in your situation? It aint easy but you need to deny the flesh its desires and you shall be Truly like Jesus, we are victorious always, your deliverance is coming be prayerful. Your man is also coming to you, look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our lives.

Adjusting To Motherhood
Your baby should be a consolation to you. This happens to new mothers. Just look at your baby and see what a blessing it is to you, many people are not able to bear their own babies and adopt, you are blessed.spend time with the baby, these are treasured moments. Soon the baby will grow and you will long for those moments to cuddle it. If you are born again surely what does the bible say about parenthood, buy books and magazines on parenting and you shall enjoy. May God grant you the grace you need.

Why Do Christians Disagree
Absolutely Leanne...Your 100% right there. Some only go by what and how they want to believe and obey...Many choose to go by the Word of God. I choose to be obedient and go by His and His Word only Amen.

Do You Know What Sin Is
Sin is breaking God's law 4 if God's laws(10commandments) didnt exist,then there is no sin 2BREak n Christ didnt need 2come to die 4our sins would HE. i AM NOT Catholic but this question is unfairly aimed at them as we all r sinners, not only Catholics. Dont be a pharisee n think u r not. Be a true christian n love one another.

Various Blog Views
on this blog site, no matter how much scripture u quote to back your reply up, n no matter how right it is,some smart one always think better 2 discredit u n God. So yes, some use it to abuse n insult, some to love, some to share n some 2 dictate.Being religious does not mean 1 2b a pharisee. Its how u use apply it 2self.One who said it dont know God instead.

What Should Pastors Be Paid
money collected in all our churches all go to our conference where it is distributed by certain members delegated 2 do such work. All pastors r paid the same wage big or small church, most of it go to building schools, churches, evangelism,2our relief agency ADRA one of the biggest..we dont waste money on flash churches and advertisements. we see 2 the poor, huricane disasters, etc etc. One of our biggest baptisms were held in Russia India, South Africa n

Mormons Fastest Growing Group
Size does not matter. If u have the truth then thats what matters the most. Look at China, Russia, India, Africa,PNG whose people are coming in droves simply because they understand sdas simple bible truths. Sdas r in great demand here n could not keep up with the demand for churches 2b built..the sdas r doing the Lord's work and far reaching 2 the north/south pole. size dont matter indeed..simple bible truth does.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
why is everyone saying Dark Pope? Is he black? Just curious. I dont keep up with catholicism n dont even know who replace Pope John Paul...

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee, we r not talking about Mosaic Laws. Its the 10 commandments we r talking about. No distinction of types of law: then it would be pointless mentioning it wouldnt it? It clearly means His commandments which Jesus now n again refer 2 just laws,commands, statutes. It is bible interpretation not mine. Follow truth brother, and yes Jerry is right so look n believe in the truth Lee. Not heresy or man.

Are Adventist A Cult
Kay, it is sad when I read your ridiculous statements going against God's laws. Whose laws do u think the world base theirs on? The law of God of cause. Do u think I am allowed to come n shoot u sister? No. Why? The law says I am not to kill. Whose laws do u go by Kay? Seems so utterly ridiculous that u leave God's laws out of your life yet, u say we cant kill, steal, etc. Study sister, and study very well.

Are Adventist A Cult
The reason why people call adventists CULTS is that they are the only ones who has the audacity to follow all of God's commandments. If people call that cultish, then thats fine cos sdas r following as God commands and the rest dont. Call us any name u want. We will follow Gods commands and never mans as many do.Remember, Jesus said"You will be persecuted bcos of me." In Him we stay.

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee 1538 letter of the law: Again, u mention this text. It is talking about the laws Moses wrote .. the ceremonial laws and sacrificial things. u have a habit of using this and say it is the 10 commandments of God and YOUR WRONG BROTHER. Christ bcame our rest. r u saying u do nothing them? lazy n unlearned I would say

Are Adventist A Cult
Kay, it seems when u cant defend or answer you use EGW to kill..seems your habit. Leave her out of the discussion n use your biblical knowlege. We dont use EGW or uplift as u so think. Her work helps to understand the bible. We love her writings and how dare u denegrade her work. What have u done Kay 2 help? Nothing but mutter the negative. Preach truth sister.Just as brother Geof and I n the rest do. Stop your nonsensical mutter.

Ear Piercing A Sin
No Geof,I am talking about the 10 commandment Sabbath. Not the O/T Sacrificial Ceremonial n Sabbath Laws that are done away at the cross.

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