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How Much Oil Is Left
You will know the economy is in trouble when we have to start burning diamonds for heat instead of coal and petroleum.

Fire Purifies Or Consumes
For the same reason that water can quench your thirst or cause you to drown. It is a resource that has many uses and you have to be careful with it.

South Korea Fired Upon
I am not surprises about the incidents, they will continue to happen with increasing frequency until NCA want to apply a long term solution to make the problem go away.

And after you do that the problem in Iran will likely improve dramatically as they will realize they could be next, and the US starts to get it national credibility back in the world.

So the chemical engineering question of the day is what molar concentration of Cobalt 60 Iodide will produce 1000 rads/hr at the end of the half life of the compound, when deliver as the salting agent of a W88.

And of course nothing is going to happen until after Jan. 20, 2013 until we can get a US President who is willing to use the Biscuit and not lose the Biscuit.

Israel To Bomb Iran
Part 2 of 2: The threat of use can force a regime change. And if you do have to stomp Iran we get our Credibility back in the international arena. And we have sent a clear message to other rogue Nations or terrorist groups that us dont mess with the USA.

All we need is some national leadership some intestinal fortitude [which we certainly lack currently] to say No to Iran and back up the threat and use it if necessary. My only concern as a planner is reducing our losses not Irans.

Israel To Bomb Iran
Part 1 OF 2: Atheist, I am very serious. I have been an ICBM launch officer, I have worked with SIOP planning and I know how to plan a massive missile attack. I chose SLBMs as you cant over shoot Russia or China. These submarines are scheduled to be retrofitted into Tomahawk launch platforms and the current missiles would be retired and the RVs recycled by DOE, any interim use of the assets counts as a future cost reduction by OMB ground rules.

We dont have sufficient military manpower to occupy Iran and even if we did you will simply loose troops to IEDs. Sterilizing the area is the best short term [50 year solution] and then you can plan for a force build up near the end of the period.

Israel To Bomb Iran
Israel dealt with with a nuclear threat from Iraq back in the 1980s. It was a well planned and well executed operation. Israel is not near as timid as the US is when dealing with perceived threats and preempting a problem is always better than responding.

Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons technology and delivery systems irrespective of any international sanctions that might be imposed upon them.

I wrote an Operations Plan that take Iran out of the political equation for 50 years and effectively prevents interim exploitation by other entities. It is area denial implementation that will provide 1000 rad/hr in most of the country for more than 50 years using 72 Trident_II_D5s & 576 RVs salted with Cobalt 60.

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
Parents have a right to have those living in their household subscribe to their their moral standards,

If they do not wish to support their daughter at this time, I would recommend that she get in contact with Planned Parenthood and have a trained counselor go over her options with her.

Once she knows her options she is in a position to make an informed decision about her future.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
In Judaism abortion was mandated if the life of the mother was in danger. There was a distinction between actual life and potential life and actual life took precedence. Actual life did not begin until a baby was delivered and was breathing. occurred

Christ was aware of this mandate in Judaism and never taught contrary to the practice. Life does not begin until taking the breath of life in as in Genius 2:7.

When you inhale through your mouth you make the Yah sound and when you exhale through your mouth you make the Wah. When you put the two together you have YahWah, the literal name of God. You invole the literal name of God with every breath you take and until you are born and breathing you cannot do that.

Pray To God or Jesus
I pray to God the Father ONLY!!!

God Heals Unbelievers
God takes action or inaction appropriate and consistent with his preordained plans.

Can A Jew Marry A Christian
You both believe in YHWH God so being unequally yoked is not an issue. If you like him and he likes you go for it and best wishes to you both.

My Husband In Massage School
I would be more concerned about the school being reputable and can he be licensed in all 50 states after graduation. Most of the massage schools don't have the curriculum and facilities to deliver a comprehensive program. The only two I would ever trust are the Chicago School of Massage and Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center, Miami, Florida. I think you primary concern should be is he being ripped off by a bad school of massage. My father was on the Florida State Board of Massage for six years.

First Century Church Services
The first century CE church was with in the life times of Apostles and you will find accounts of Christian life in the writings of Paul, James, Peter, James, and John the Elder. For second Century you will need to look at non-Canon source documents the writings of Justin Martyrr is a good reliable source. Also look up the writings of Ignatius, Aristides, Polycarp, Tatian, Melito, Athenagoras, Irenaeus, Theophilus, Minucius Felix, & Tertullian.

Where Are The Good Men
Alexandra, I don't know if praying "AT" God will help you, praying to God may. But his is an area that is your personal responsibility. Your lamenting sounds like you have had some poor experiences in the past.

I would start with some self analysis of the choices of men you have made in the past. And are you looking in the right places to find the kind you really desire. Try to act and dress as attractively as possible so that the kind of men you desire will notice you.

Biblical To Wash His Feet
I don't endorse the practice and would never participate in it; but here are references if you are into it.

Washing the feet of the disciples by Jesus. John 13:4-16
Washing the feet by disciples. 1 Tim. 5:10

What Does Conviction Mean
There are various types of Conviction and the list and example verses are quite long well exceeding 85 words multiple times.

Look up Conviction in Naves Topical Bible there are print version, It is bundled in some Bible software and there are Internet sources so you can find the type you are looking for and example verses relation to it's use.

Also consult a high quality Bible dictionary of theological terms as opposed to a names dictionary.

Who Should Baptise
Baptism is a sacrament and should only be administered by ordained clergy by sprinkling, pouring or immersion to persons of any age including infants.

Is Angel Worship Sin
Angels are simply messengers of God and should never be worshiped.

Should We Test Human Embryos
Most definitely. The more information a women has about her fetus the better the decesion she can make.

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