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Writings Of Paul False
Of course the serpent is in the word and his position is clearly defined,the bible is not a stumbling block of lies hidden amongst truth..(..a note there for anyone reading the book of Job)..Pauls role in the bible is clear and he suffered greatly for his ministry and the abundance of his revelations that many christians have barely scratched the surface in understanding!

Explain Romans 9:6-7
...What Mark has just written is what I believe to be a great answer!!!! :)

Writings Of Paul False
..Man did not write the bible...God HAD to do it Himself (the reasons should be obvious) the fact that Paul got in there is testimony to Gods truth...Do you really believe God would allow the enemy to plant "weeds" in the Word who John tells us was made flesh?

Tithing Is Old Testament Law
Malachi vs 1 ...the word etc to ISRAEL...Mal ch4 following straight on from the famous "windows of heaven" phrase (therefore)..."remember ye the law of Moses" The 2 parables where Jesus mentions the tithe,He is pointing out the Pharisees hypochrisy...the tithe means a specific thing concerning the Jews deliverance at the end of this age..the clue is in that "The Lord will strike through kings in the day of His wrath"..Psalm 110

Writings Of Paul False
2 tim 3 16 is preceded by vs 15 which clearly states that salvation is found through faith in Jesus,this is also the message of the old the "rock that followed them" was Christ...If you want to argue that Paul wasnt a follower of Jesus,youll have to do so outside of Biblical revelation..good luck with that one!

Writings Of Paul False
......and is profitable for doctrine reproof instruction and correction....etc etc....

Pork Or Armadillo More Tasty
pork is "ritually unclean" to a Jew,the bible does not tell us why(..however Antioch Epiphines offered swines flesh in mocking the temple,maybe thats an example?).Christians do not depend on the Jewish law but on grace through faith in Jesus...New testament does "suggest"? not to eat strangled meat, meat in the blood,etc but it is more a matter of conscience,I think?

Is Missing Hell Fair
I have to disagree. If a dies w/out salvation that person does spend an eternity in hell.

Pay Debt Or Tithe
Malachi 3 and Malachi 4 are all one "prophetic" word to Israel and in Mal.4 the "tither" is clearly commanded to "remember the law" you not see in plain text that a christian is nowhere in scripture commanded to tithe? your own logic if it worked you wouldnt be in your debts,forget that other nonsense which is a wrangling of scripture to make merchandise of is a shamefull doctrine!!! tithing is for the deliverance of Israel and not to be confused with the church.

What Is Tiimes Of The Gentiles
a common misreading of thess.2 is to read Jesus returning after the falling away and the man of sin revealed and confuse that with the earlier "catching away" of the rapture...different timings and events...

Christ's 1,000 Year Reign
the answer isnt simple,scripture speaks of the Messiahnic reign in relation to Israel (eg.several "difficult" chapters at the end of Ezekiel)...its the fullfilment of Gods promise to his chosen people,the Church is included with them.Scripture says that Jesus will rule the nations with a rod of iron,it seems from certain verses that some will try to rebel.This culminates with God releasing Satan for the final judgement...THEN comes the new Heavens and Earth etc..much study needed by Christians,many of which have no understanding!

What Is Tiimes Of The Gentiles
Thanks for that nugget of truth Mark! There are not going to be further end time revelations everything is sealed under the authority of Gods revealed word to us,it all depends on our rightfull interpretation of what is already written!...the "times of the Gentiles" refers to the church age that we are now in...

What Is Tiimes Of The Gentiles
...also because the "times of the gentiles" is up untill the end of the 42 months...this supports post-rapture believers during the tribulation,the vast majority/or all of which are matryed..

Tithe Your Money Or Else
most tithe and quote Mal.3 but leave out Mal.4.....this plainly tells the reader to renember the law of moses.There is no difference in the relevance to these verses as it was written for Israels sake NOT for the church.Give what you will with a gratefull heart and continue doing so as a private matter...also study this subject openly and ask the Lord for more understanding.

Believe In Total Depravity
Explain DEATH ???? dont get much totaler than that!

What Is The Rest Of God
literally it means "sabbath"...heres a thought,God as a spirit neither slumbers nor sleeps yet we know He instigated resting on the seventh day (especially) as a statute and ordinance for there is a mystery here to be looked into!

What Is The Rest Of God
The "day" Paul is referring to applies to both Jew and Christian and in its full context refers to the 1000 years of Messiahnic reign on the earth also known as the millenium..

Believe In Total Depravity
Yup totally depraved by the fall of Adam...only when God sees the BLOOD applied does He say "paid in full" these are basics,they are taught together with salvation!

Are We In Tribulation
the time of Jacobs sorrow is when the whole world unites to destroy Israel,God allows this to occur through the Anti-christ and world events foretold...then the words of the psalmist will be fulfilled and The Lord will srike through kings in the day of His wrath.It is not for the church,we are to be raptured...

Late Rapture Without No Food
lutherist:I need to study this myself,my thinking is along these lines..rev 5 Jesus takes the scroll,rev 6 He opens 1st seal and so on..there is a day when ALL will have to acknowledge the just seems the timeframe of that would be later as things are still heading to their culmination on earth,and the wicked have yet to be overthrown.The sea and earth give up their Christian dead at the time the living are raptured and could be with the 24 elders as of ch5 v14?

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