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Divorce My Muslim Husband
Hi.. Im am muslim woman.. my advise is.. divorce your muslim husband... FYI, if you renounce from Islam, it is easier for you to get divorce.. however if you stay as a Muslim, u must get the divorce using Shariah law, which is biased to men... I had divorced my husband successfully by the ground he is abusing me mentally, and physically.. Good luck

I Want To Date A Muslim
Why don't you witness to him as a friend, but if you pursue a relationship with him and he remains a muslim, you are in for a hard road to hoe. I mean HARD.

Can We Continue To Sin
Just because we are saved, it doesn't give us a liscence to sin. The flesh battles the spirit all the time. My salvation is a free gift from God paid by Jesus blood on the cross. I am sealed til the day of redemption by the blood of Christ. Some would have you believe you can loose your salvation. Well, praise God, I won't loose mine. When a saved person commits sin, they are punished.

Is Time Moving Faster
time is flying by so fast it makes one dizzy. There is no time to do anything anymore.

Wife Told Me To Move Out
If your wife wants to seperate tell her to move out. She is the one wanting it enough to tell you she doesn't want to save it. Tell her to MOVE.

Arrested For Praise Music Too Loud
If you have noticed, music is a tender subject with me. If your music was so loud that the neighbors could hear it, then it was too loud for church. Why didn't the authorities just ask the pastor to lower the volume? Why did they have to arrest him? If they arrested him without giving him a chance, that doesn't say much for the authorities.

Planted But No Harvest
mima, are you a bible scholor?? Are you a teacher of the bible?

Education And Salvation
It does seem people with education tend to look at christians like they are fooey. Things people learn in college seems to contradict christianity.

Committing Sins And Heaven Bound
IF you are God's child and do something wrong, He will punish you. Sometimes He will kill the body to save the soul.

Are Tatoos For Ladies
tatoos and piercings tell to whom we want to be associated or what we want to say about ourselves. I have pierced ears and that doesn't make me different, but if I had numerous piercings and tatoos, I would be sending a different signal.

Am I A True Prophet
sounds like He called you to preach

Satan Intervenes Jesus's Works
satan wants to ruin the testimony of christians. That is why he is running to and fro seeking whomever he can devour. Don't let him hinder your walk and talk.

Concept Of Multiple Races
moderator is correct.

Advice About Money Needed
Yes, I do have some advice. Ask your husband to handle the money and give you so much per week to spend as you please. The same thing happened to my son. His wife wouldn't pay the bills and would spend the money. He now pays the bills and watches money closely.

True Account Of Tongue Speaking
sounds like soothsayers to me.

My Husband Needs Jesus
I prayed for my husband for 35 or so years and he was saved two and a half years ago. I will say all during the times I prayed for him, I was not a good example most of the time. I was neither faithful in church because things were always in an upheavel. Thank God he is saved now. Don't quit praying and like Madison said show him thru example. She was right on.

Are Figurines Graven Images
I have figurines, a whole collection of them. I certainly don't worship them. They are animals.

Are All Christian Bands Good
I don't know them, but from what you said in your question, I don't want to know them. If it looks like the world and sounds like the world, it can't glorify God.

Story Of Jonah Truly Real
The bible says God prepared a big fish. That sounds like real to me. If God said it, I believe it.

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