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Scripture Of The Day
Cluny, She obviously didn't or else she has a very sick sense of humor. My favorite passage would be in Romans 7:14-25 and Romans Chapter 8. Of course, I would have to list Psalm 1, 32 and 41 also.

Is Limited Atonement Biblical
If you understand the Scriptures you will see that atonement is indeed limited, by God when we are told "whosoever will." God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the whole world, but, only the ones who come to Him will receive the full pardon purchased by Christ on Calvary.

Why Sin Allowed Into World
"Adam & Eve had to CHOOSE between:
(1) Obey GOD's command to NOT touch, or eat, the forbidden fruit.
(2) Satisfy their OWN flesh and desires. Touch and Eat the forbidden fruit."

augie, obviously you have the same "mis-understanding" that Eve had. If you will go back and read the instructions God gave, you will find that God ONLY said, "Of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil thou shalt not eat..." He didn't say that they couldn't touch the tree or the fruit, though it would have been wiser if they hadn't done either.

How To Stop Long Affair
Lulu, First of all, You seem to have a major misconception of what LOVE really is, as do many(if not most) of us. You have a problem with mistaking strong physical attraction with love, and the thought that you're still in love with your husband is based on the security you feel there. Love is more than physical attraction, it is about decisions that cause action that is in the BEST interest of the person you "love." You need to go to the source of all Love, Jesus Christ, and ask Him to help you find what love really means.

Few Christians Really Saved
No, cluny, I do not get a warm "feeling", but I do draw much comfort from being able to KNOW that I have been saved(born again) through the finished, redemptive work of Jesus Christ. I know that there is no good in me of my own, but Jesus Christ died for me and gave me HIS righteousness.

Few Christians Really Saved
There are many who call themselves "christian" who will in the last day find themselves standing before the judgment seat of God and being told "depart from me you workers of iniquity, for I never knew you." So, YES, there are many christians who are not/will not be saved.

Is Tithing Mandatory
If a person gives because they "feel they have to," they are not understanding the Bible's teaching on giving. Many preachers may actually "browbeat" their congregation into "tithing" to fill their own pockets, but the Bible teaches that we should give willingly as the Lord gives us increase. Your gift should be a "free-will offering" and not a response to someone demanding that you give.

What Are 21st Century Idols
If an idol is anything that gets in the way of seeing Jesus, then Jesus Himself said in John 10 that devotion to the Bible can become idolatry.
---Cluny on 4/16/10
Cluny, this would be true if the person(s) who devote themselves to "the Bible" are doing so only for self-gratification. Jesus Himself commanded the Scribes and Pharisees to "Search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life:and they are they which testify of me." The Bible is the Word of GOD, not just words of men about God. There is no harm in devotion to the Scriptures if yhe are allowed to deepen our communion with GOD and His Son Jesus Christ.

Spiritually Violent And Stubborn
If someone spoke a "prophetic" word of that sort over me, I would first seek the Lord and see if there was anything in my life to validate this word. If there was something, I would confess it and ask forgiveness then move on. If I could see nothing to validate it, I would forget it and move on in the Lord, seeking to do His will only.

Church Full Of Mean People
Strongaxe, in Hebrews 10:25, we are instructed to "forsake not the assembling together..." Jesus Christ died for His church, why should any true Christian refuse to attend? The problem is that many "churches" today are offering only a "feel good" theology that doesn't threaten anyone by telling them how sinful and in need of a savior they are, and by this they have drawn many un-saved people into church membership. There are many on church rolls who have never had a relationship of any kind with Jesus Christ. They may know many facts about Jesus, but they have never surrendered their life to His authority.

What Is The Santeria Religion
You can take ANYTHING and make it "spiritual" but, the real test is whether or not it glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. The only "spirit" we should be in contact with is the Holy Spirit of God, any other is demonic, and trying to draw away from God. Christianity has NO evil about it, evil practitioners maybe, but none of itself. Jesus Christ condemned evil in every form and allows no intermingling of Satan and Christ. I've never heard of "Santeria" myself, but, if it is practicing any "old religion" other than the Word of God, it is an abomination in the eyes of God.

Church Full Of Mean People
strongaxe, I haven't watched SNL since the 1980's and don't remember much about it. What does it really have to do with my comment anyway? The people who need fixing know that and the Gospel gives the answer. All of us need fixing in some way or other.

Church Full Of Mean People
The "interesting" thing about this, you say the church is "full of mean people" well, just like when someone says the church is full of hypocrites, there is ALWAYS room for "one more." The people who are in churches, for the most part are there because they realize they need to be forgiven and "fixed." As Jesus told the Pharisees, "I have come for the sick, not the well, for the well have no need of a physician." Lest anyone want to argue, I understand that the churches are full of un-saved people. We should all realize that the church is not necessarily there for us to get something from, but to contribute to. Those of us who are saved are there for a specific reason, such as serving others.

Obama's New Healthcare
Interesting point, the HC bill passed by only 7 votes. The news reports say that the Republicans voted unanimously, but, they neglect to tell us that 8 Republicans chose not to vote. Had they voted in alignment with their party, this bill would not have passed, so, their "non-vote" was the same as a PRO-vote. If they haven't already been identified, someone should find out who they were and publicize this information.

Did Obama Come From Outer Space
This is a joke, isn't it? Obama is not the "anti-christ", though debate could be made as to his stand/religion. THE Antichrist is not necessarily going to come in the air, as most of the people he will deceive are not very knowledgeable in the Scriptures anyway. He will simply come on the "political scene" without much prior public awareness of him.

What Is Satans Primary Attack
I believe it would depend on the individual. If a person is saved, Satan would most likely focus on causing doubt about their security, if they are unsaved the focus would be more on whether God is real or fair. Anything to cause us to doubt or reject God and His gracious gift.

Persuade Women Not To Abort
If we would put more effort into teaching and living the laws of God, we would find less occasion to need laws against abortion or murder, etc. Instead we have eased our focus on the commands of God and tried to make the message more "appealing" to people by not insulting their intelligence and what do we have? Abortion, divorce, mured, and wars. Welcome to the life of "liberty".

Do Demons Speak Some Truth
The devil generally takes some form of the truth and puts his own little spin on it, like he did with Eve in the garden. He likes to cause us to question the goodness of God and focus on what God seems to be withholding from us instead of what He has given us. We all need to be careful when someone approaches us with some apparent truth asking us if God is being/has been good to us.

Is The Gap Theory Biblical
Isn't it more important that our focus is on loving others and introducing them to Jesus and winning the lost, healing the brokenhearted, fellowshipping with God Our Father and Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit? Just curious.
---Donna on 3/5/10

Yes, Donna, this statement of yours is true, but,we as Christians often get so caught up in showing off our intellect that we forget the focus of the Gospel. It is NOT about us or our churches or our denominations. It is about God's love for all People shown finally through His Son Jesus Christ and our need for Him.

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