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What Is A Worldly Christian
There is much truth in all of these comments. The real tragedy is we have lost our witness because the church looks and acts just like the world. God help us.

Did Christ Die For Us
Yes you need to continue in confessing your sin. Initially it is an admission you are a sinner and need salvation. Thereafter it is necessary to maintain the relationship between you and God.

Is The Anti-Christ Alive Today
The Anti-Christ is alive in human form today. Worse is the Spirit of Anti-Christ
already at work in this great Apostacy.
He will be revealed when he that hindereth be taken out of the way. Who is he? Definitely not the Church because we are the "she" the bride of Christ in this regard. It is he - the Holy Ghost. With the spirit poured out on all flesh, are we receiving it? We are if we are sealed by the Holy Ghost - that is filled.

Once he departs, grieved the Holy Spirit, then all hell of human nature will break loose. We are in and on-off battle now.

Our greatest US prophet-evangelist has
met him face to face and what a confrotation. Don't be surprised that he hasn't appeared to other big minister's also.

What Is Burden Of Knowledge
To me it means that you must spread the Good News of the Bible to people who have'nt heard it.

Who Was Melchizedek
King David in the Psalms refers to the future King of kings or Messiah [Jesus] as a "priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." (Psalm 110:1-4)

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