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Can You Discern Evil
Mima mounds (not mimi mounds). :-]
Thought to be found in areas of seismic activity or result of earthquakes, etc.

If you can't discern evil, it's doubtful you are a Christian.

Is God Hearing My Prayers
You've forgotten the rest of it.

Your prayers are answered contingent upon your forgiveness for all that need forgiving.

The rest of scripture says that if you have any unforgiveness, forgive. THEN AND ONLY THEN, will Our Father answers our prayers.

If you have ought against any, forget seeing answered prayers.

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit baptism? It's real, authentic and a rocket booster to your faith.

Know Christians that haven't changed in 50 years? No Holy Spirit baptism.

You can be saved and go through the motions, church, offerings, sing a few songs and say your prayers, read the bible, here a little there a little....not much change.

Holy Spirit baptism, those are the movers and shakers and I'm not talking about rolling up and down the aisles, the bizarre.
I'm talking about those who make a difference and give all of the glory to God.
God's glory, presence of God - you do not find those words in a non believing in the Holy Spirit baptism church.

What Is The GREAT Deception
Mimi - does that stand for Mimi mounds?

The great deception has been taking place since the Garden of Eden. It tripped up Adam and Eve, but we shouldn't be so deceived.

We have the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ has given us His word and it leads us into all truth.

If we keep our eyes on Jesus and His word, (I don't believe in this 'must be using the Hebrew spelling' mumbo jumbo nonsense), His sheep know His voice. If you can't hear His voice now, how in the world will you hear it when greater deceptions of all kinds come at you?

We may not see the greatest deception in our lifetime, but deceptions surround us all the day long.

I Hate My Husband
Aw, come on now. He can't be all that bad.

He's the father of your children and you've stuck it out this long.

What Is The Worst Sin

The worst sin is committing the sin of blasphemy againt the Holy Ghost.

That would be attributing the works of the Holy Ghost to the devil.

Any Christian knows that.

Did Judas Have A Free-Will
You bet. Judas had a free will and to say otherwise turns him into a fallen angel or product of serpent seed doctrine - which is followed by those in the occult.

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Water submersion doesn't save a person. Any one can take a dip in the mighty Mississip and come out dry as a bone. Old dead bones.

It's faith, complete total faith in Jesus Christ that saves our sorry hides.

Water baptism is an outward sign of a very inward decision. Every Christian knows that.

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