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Many Women Pastors Today
To everyone: The answer is yes women can preach. I know what Corinthians says but don't forget about the old testament. The oldtestament was before the new one. In that time man was ahead of woman. Now, we are equal. God says he only does what is fair and right. Being equal is fair and right. Hope that helped.

How Do You Show Love
How do you show love you say. Love can be shown in many ways. We all have our different ways but a special way of showing it is just helping out someone. You don't show love by making love. REgarless if you're married. Love doesn't even have to show. It matters if you just have it.

Obama For President
Ok obama for president. Well, he will be our next president. Sad he is though. He is muslim. Pray. Pray. :(

Hell Bound Due To Divorce
Well, as you all should know, divorce is against God's word. There are certain types of problems in a marriage that if you got divorced it wouldn't be a sin. Like is a husband or wife was beating the spouse and they wanted out of the marriage that would be ok. Still they should have waited to get married to see this coming. Marriage should take time.

Does America Deserve It
The answer is you should never wish evil on someone. I see what you. The question has been asked about why humans deserve to live. We do evil things, murder, and etc... but there is still good in some of us. When God created human he knew we would turn on him. When we made man made devices somehow we knew those things we made would turn against us. We still use those deviced for good. That is why God made us. He shows us lessons. We learn. So Say We All.

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