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Non-Christians Supernatural
The Bible says this happens in Matthew 7:21-23. So obviously there will be people doing these things and THINK they are going to Heaven.

I believe that Jesus used His entire brain. Today we only use a small % of it. So maybe they are tapping into another part unused by most. Maybe they are calling forth things that are not as though they were & thus Miracle! Or maybe calling on tthe darkside for it. But it does happen!

Can You Explain My Dream
Got Obabma info from the news. C-span, cnn, etc. Nothing first hand experience.

But MY belief- I Pray & ask God who I should vote for- then I vote for whom He says. I know God's voice & I know He won't lead me wrong. And as long as I follow Him, I am in the clear and protected. I very seldom follow a party. I follow God.

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
I believe if you have known sin in your life, your must repent and change. I think known sin will keep us out of Heaven. If God convicts me of something I have done wrong, I repent and change!

Psychics Are An Abomination
Debbie, Leviticus 20:6 & Isaiah 8:19. God turns His face against those who talk to the dead. Why consult the dead concerning the living?

I think I would have pointed the scriptures out and that I agree with the scriptures. We aren't to -search out- the dead, but Angels & God can look & sound like the dead to get our attention & give us information.

Psychics Are An Abomination
In Samuel 3 The Lord called to Samuel, and Samuel thought it was Eli. The Lord used a voice like Eli's to get Samuels attention.

Can You Explain My Dream
Obama may be in a Christian church but he was sworn in on the Quran. And he turns his back to the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. And refuses to say it. And I haven't heard him -confess with his mouth- Jesus is Lord and that he is saved by His blood.

Can Christians Have Demons
Personal jabs are wrong. And judging them opens the door for me to be judged also. I refuse to knowingly be a stumbling block to others. Some of the things said by Christians are spiritual attacks. Lord please don't let me be used to harm another's spiritual growth! In Jesus Name!

At most severe, I just state that I don't agree with them on it, state what I do believe, then let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Can Christians Have Demons
This is a touchy subject for me. I was told by a preacher's wife "study just the Bible". I believe personal experience of others can help us also! I have a relationship with God & I know His voice. Who are we to tell others they can't hear God unless it is in the written Bible? Judge NOT lest ye be judged.

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