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How Real Is Satan
In Jesus Christ, in essence, a true believer is reassured that its soul is hid from Satan! I accord with your perspective with regard to Ephesians 6 which expounded clearly that the Christian spiritual warfare is as real as Satan himself!

For example, there are a number of false doctrines in which Satan is actively working his tricks. An ignorant world, therefore, without Christ, is doomed to be deceived by Satan!

I invite true and intelligent Christians (Acts 17:11) to join this Blog. No need to be afraid to express yourself if you know the meaning of "spiritual debate"!

Thanks, Joseph!

Conflicting Christians Opinions
To avoid confusion in your statements, read 2 Peter 1:20. Secondly, the Bible explains itself (2 Timothy 3:16). In fact, when you mention "conflicting interpretations", your point is doctrinal rather than 'unity in mind'.

Examine yourself (2 Corinthians 13:5, for God knows who is a born again believer! Lastly, 'unity of mind' aligns with Christ, in sound doctrine. It does not mean that all Christians have the same ideas or think the same way!

As a Bible scholar, I advice you to read Matthew 7:13, for Jesus knows your confusion! In fact, the Sword of the Spirit brings divisions and divergences rather than unity, especially to a world which needs evangelism!

Hard To Believe In God
To Oyinkan:

Spending time reading the Bible will strengthen your faith (Romans 10:17). Only God reveals the truth to us (James 1:5). No need to despair when you sincerely desire to obey Jesus Christ Jeremiah 33:3!

Indeed, read the Gospels to know what God (Jesus Christ) is telling you! It will be hard to comprehend God's Word if you are not an authentic believer in Christ Jesus!

How Real Is Satan
Did you experience the reality of the Devil in your Christian life?

Implicitly, in view of many denominations which are false doctrines, Satan had blinded this world. My point is that various professed Christians do not see the seriousness of the Christian battle with the "adversary".

Thank you for responding!

Who Is The Serpent
My exegetical views on Genesis 3:1 are literal, in other words, God created all the animals, but the serpent was the most cunning animal that He created. When Lucifer became arrogant, desiring God's throne, Lucifer (Angel of light) was thrown out of Heaven.

Now, the symbol of Satan is the serpent, though he can also embody the human form, Clearly, Satan will metamorphose himself in many forms, and according to the Bible, Satan is 'the old serpent, Dragon' mentioned in Revelation, we cannot deny what God says about Satan as a personification of the devil.

Finally, Genesis 3:1 is clear that Satan chose to take the form of the serpent (or incarnate himself in the serpent) to bring down the Fall of mankind.

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