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How Can I Believe In Jesus
Yes God is unbelievable, mystical, magical. Look for him he may be hiding in plain sight. I wish i would of received more instruction when young. Carefully select a bible. You will be surprised one day you will know things. Enjoy once you develop your relationship it really consumes in a good way.

Holy Spirit Gets Jealous
The Holy Spirit is beyond jealous and will judge us. The Holy Spirit can be furious jealous about your life your marriage, your relationships, your job, and will convict. And let me just say you will have no doubt after time goes by even things you thought were right are not. And later you can see this . Amazing. Holy Spirit is Amazing

What Is The Strong Delusion
In my opinion the strong delusion is life our whole life that we may have based on goodness and sincerely yet without biblical confirmation is perhaps at the appointed time not what God has planned.

How God Saves People
I really dont think its relevant who thinks what except for God and his word. Yet I also have in my mind certain thoughts about being saved and some may desire to be a certain religious denomination but are not and truth may not be known. Also my beliefs about Jesus may not be others. Religious ideology and wars are a reality cant be avoided. I feel though to each their own it isnt my job to preach but it is my job to praise and give glory to God

Strong Feeling For A Priest
We must learn control. Good luck.

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