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Having Rape Flashback Problems
I got married. I was raped 3x last one on May 9,2000. I told my Husband everything when we dated. I have agoraphobia, getting SSDI, trying to go to a support group. I know in my heart how better things can be. i was also attacked by my brother!!! I passed out when I had that blackout. Just hold your head high and don't let these things stop you from gaining happiness!! Go to therapy and ask for cognative therapy and behavioral therapy. Art therapy helps to paint or color or whatever!!!

Secular Music And Movies
I think that any music is okay as long as the lyrics are clean. And for PG-13 movies, I don't see the big deal in it. When I watch PG-13 movies, I don't go off swearing or acting sensual. And I don't have MTV on my chanels, but I have seen many of the shows. I think that it's up to the induvidual to decide for themselves what they can watch , and have their reasons to support their decision. I've seen many PG-13 movies that have great themes and are on my favorite list.

Wear Pants And Earrings
My parents are strong Christians and they let me wear pants, so long as they're not tight. And in the Bible, Rebecca got a nose ring as an engagment gift. So, I'd say earrings are a-okay. And even if you can't wear jeans, ask your parents to let you wear khakis or sporting pants. I mean, it's not like you can always be wearing a skirt! Most women today wear pants - at Christian colleges, youth activities, school, sports, etc. We're not in the 17th century anymore!

I Want Some Christian Friends
Well, first start by looking at your church youth group (if you are a teenager) or just at church. If you have a Christian friend, ask her or him to introduce you to some of her other friends. Also, why not join a sport, like vball or basketball? You'll make friends there, and then you can take them to church. There are many opportunities each day to witness to these and help them become Christians.

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