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Surviving Adultery Alone
On a paper write honestly what hurt you,how it made you feel. Ask yourself whether you did anything that drove them to adultery.On another paper write things that you did and never thought could be forgiven but were forgiven. Ask yourself why you find it so difficult to release another person. Go before God and tell Him exactly how all this has affected you and i pray the Holy spirit will minister to your inner man and release you from the bondage that keeps lurking in the shadows of your mind.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit
Luke 11:13 As a biological father knows how to give good gifts to his children so God will give the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks Him.All you have to do is ask, it is His spirit and He will give it to you. I received the spirit one night when I was lying in bed. I asked God and suddenly I started to speak in another toungue. It was a personal encounter. Lift your voice to Him and ask, you are His child and God honours His word. He will give you the ability to speak in tongues.

Staying Faithful Before God
The way I would look at it is what basic things do I need to do on a daily basis(physical realm) to keep me healthy? brush my teeth, wash my hands, drink lots of water, avoid junk etc.Now what basic things must I do to ensure faithfulness(commitment)to God? Read His word(let Him talk to you), pray(talk to Him) and live His word.Imagine going days without brushing your teeth?Now imagine going days without knowing what God is saying to you or talking to Him?

Wear Pants And Earrings
The one record on pants is Exodus 28:40-43 when God commanded Aaron & sons to wear 'pants' as says women should not wear men's clothing (a cloth here is a covering). God was telling women to be women and not the heads of households.Long Trousers existed from 18th century and man not God decided that they were men's clothing.Why would God give the gift of design if He didn't want us to wear pants?God does not want us to cause others to stumble so we must wear decent pants.

Scriptures Only Please
Luke4:23 Jesus is the great physician, 1corinthians12:9 God gives us different gifts Psalm 82:6 You are gods (us).The bible is a map, other books and guides help us to interprete the map.God is the great physician. we still go to hospital because He has given the gift of healing to Doctors.the Holy spirit is our teacher,we also need pastors to nurture us.

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