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Are Mormons Christians
1.The Bible teaches that God is Spirit
(John 4:24, 1 Timothy 6:15,16)

2.He is not a man
(Numbers 23:19,Hosea 11:9,Rom 1:22, 23)

3.Has always (eternally) existed as God all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present (Psalm 90:2, 139:7-10, Isaiah 40:28, Luke 1:37).

Having Problems As New Christian
Life can be "tough" if we are doing without getting direction from God through Christ by the Holy Spirit. We are not born thinking of spirituality with Christ, it is a new adventure. So we often forget Him when it comes to making the improtant decisions in our life. We are taught to develop an attitude about things we often can't control, with results of emotion unleashed, sometimes uncontrolable. Frustration is one that results from not be lead by God. "Where is God...," is often our cry. The poem "footprints" is good to read when we feel this way.

Discern Holy Spirit In People
I wish your question could be answered as easily as black or white. Because there are many variables that will determine the results. It would lean toward having to judge someone and that is God's right, and not for us to carry that responsibility on our shoulders. We are told to seek first the Lord and let Him handle everything else. Why do we worry if someone is of the Holy Spirit, when we already should have a close relationship with Him, so we can know Him as He is. That way we don't have to guess whether or not He is there. My prayer of support to help us recognize the difference.

Get Over Nice And Mean Guy
Many question come to mind, one.., how can he be a nice guy and not do nice things? To whom is he nice to? How long will he be nice to these individual(s)? Where does Christ fit into this picture? What does He want with your life, and what is He calling for your friend's life? Can you see a future with each other in the Lord? Only can a happy union be found in Christ. Let your mind stay on Him not him and you will be blessed. My prayer of support for you as you go through this decision.

Advice About My Current Affair
It is not the end of the world if we make mistakes, but a lot of our mistakes comes with a high price, because there may/are others that can be hurt in our circle of events. If we can't see these people, than we are showning a very selfish part of yourself. As christians we are to learn to love one another and not just pick and chose whom we wish to love. When we marry on the basis of love we tend to lose the real reason we are here as christians. He made a vow to love and forsake others, to charish, that one until death. My prayer of support.

My Husband Put His Hands On Me
It is very difficult to advise you, when we don't know the reason for the anger. Anger is very normal but often can lead to rage if it is not controlled or evaluated. Anger; the sign for an individual to check his/her actions and reasons why it appeared. If that doesn't happen then counsel is advised. Ask yourselves these questions. Where does Christ fit in your marrage, do both of you exemplify a true Christ like relationship of love? If not then both parent needs help. My prayer of support.

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