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Baptism Of The Holy Ghost
There are churches that claim you do need the Holy Spirit baptism to be saved. There are churches that claim that you receive the Holy Spirit baptism at the moment of your salvation.
Churches that claim it is an event separate from water baptism, and for most people, comes at a later date by your own invitation.

I believe it is a separate baptism from water baptism. Why would you not want to have the Holy Spirit baptism?

Never Go To Church Again
The house lights are going up in the theater of the end times. Every falsehood is being revealed. Things we dread now will soon become nothing more than a stage prop.
Falsehoods, false prophets, false prophecies.

When Stephen encountered the real Light, he no longer noticed the stones. False prophets will flee like bats in the Light of true revelation.

Never Go To Church Again
God has given me a word for someone, but it wouldn't be appropriate to share on a public site.
Holy Spirit has dropped names, identifiers in my spirit. I think you're the reason I found this site in the first place.
Don't be discouraged, God is going to turn everything around. It won't be coming from the mind, but from the heart of God.

Never Go To Church Again
Words of prophecy are given as a weapon to fight with.
True words come before a spiritual or physical battle, God gives us a word to fight that battle with. Never pick up your weapons of warfare, may take longer to ever see the victory. If your answer is delayed, you've thrown out your baby (word) with the bathwater, discounted it, never used it to fight against the enemy's plans for your life, you've missed your blessing.
Pick your word (weapon) back up and fight with it.

Never Go To Church Again
Holy Spirit discernment. Holy Spirit will give you names, identifiers that are accurate. You don't have to research, they are given for confirmation, dropped right into your spirit, not mind. Holy Spirit discernment gives you accuracy, so that that the false prophet knows that God's gifts are greater than those that come from the mind or under the influence of familiar spirits.
God's Holy Spirit can bring fear and conviction to the false prophet, for them to repent of leading others astray.

Never Go To Church Again
Names, pseudo names, identifiers. I receive those and I do not have to search for them, they're right there.
A false prophet will find that very creepy as they are unable to work that up even with charismania.

Never Go To Church Again
The question above depicts total charismania, witchcraft. The Holy Spirit would never publically humiliate a young man at his expense. A false prophet operates this way. This is the earmark of a false prophecy.

Never Go To Church Again
Holy Spirit discernment exposes false prophets so they cannot devour the sheep (above). True Holy Spirit discernment exposes false prophets. Discerning give the false prophet names, identifiers of person(s) they're committing some sin - as a way of letting them know they're on shaky "charismania" ground.
God wants them to repent, so they usually find it scary or very "creepy".
Their sins are exposed so that they cannot continue devouring and fleecing the sheep.

Never Go To Church Again
When a false prophet stands in the "bully" pulpit (above), those with true discernment are given spiritual knowledge to shut them down before they destroy others.
God will convict the false prophet, give them an opportunity to repent before they die. If they continue on, they'll be turned over to a reprobate mind, without hope.
Charismania, a dangerous thing to observe and sit under in a church.

Never Go To Church Again
A true prophet would never stand up in the bully pulpit and do this to a person.
This is charismania, Eloy.

God gives me names, identifiers and it has nothing to do with researching it. It's for a reason, because someone is devouring/fleecing/deceiving the sheep.

Never Go To Church Again
Charismania, charisma that's moved to mania. Mania, extremely fleshy form of Christianity.
A spiritual illness, obsessive religious ideals (idealistic) or grandiose shows and/or displays of the flesh.
False prophets fall into this category. False words in the form of curses, death wishes spoken over those who make the false prophet angry. Extreme displays of anger and every false move that has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

Never Go To Church Again
False prophets, false prophecies - examples of charismania. False prophets have no problem speaking a curse of death - you will die in a year's time if you don't do what I tell you.
Charismania comes from the mind. All false prophets speak from their mind and are not influenced by the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit discernment can spot them a mile away, pick them out of a service. The Holy Spirit alerts you to those operating with demons and familiar spirits rather than the Holy Spirit.

Never Go To Church Again
Every Christian filled with the Holy Spirit knows what charismania is.
It is the perversion of a true Holy Spirit baptism.
Holy Spirit filled Christians are aware of the barking dog, roaring lion, clucking chicken type of baptisms not to be confused with a true Holy Spirit baptism.
Do you have the Holy Spirit baptism, Eloy?

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
The Holy Spirit has not departed from the earth, so that would be impossible.
When you say the Holy Spirit has left you, what do you mean?
Only God can give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit. People can't give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's God's domain.

Never Go To Church Again
Charismania is definitely a word, Eloy.
The fact that you refuse to acknowledge it as a very real condition doesn't matter one iota.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
People are more concerned about their family pets than their own relatives.
Will your relatives go to heaven when they die? Will your next door neighbor?
Forget about the family cat, pet hamster, are you and your husband going to heaven?

Dad Is In Jail For Incest
I can believe it anon. I can believe that this type of abuse causes mental conditions that an internet community cannot begin to fix. There's not enough sympathy in the world that can fix these kinds of problems.

Only God alone can fix a broken home and a broken mind and He may use professionals and a medical facility to help you.

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