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Black Friday Gone Crazy
Of course Christians should participate in black Friday! Why should we pay more for merchandise? There will always be people participating in evil on any day of the year. Greed may bring out the worst in some, however everywhere I went shopping on black Friday this year I did not experience this and neither did the people I know. Isolated incidents like these shoppers experienced can bring out the fear in everyone everywhere. Black Friday has nothing to do with anything other than saving money.

Live Saving Techiques
If you refuse life saving treatment you are not using common sense you would be committing suicide. Purposely dying by refusing life saving treatment is in no way considered Gods way. Then there are many looking to Doctors as "gods" expecting them to save their life without having faith or praying. If your faith is that of a mustard seed then use both.

Pope's Belief In Evolution
That would make sense for the pope to make that declaration. The catholic religion is not a Christian religion and their pope is their god. The vicar of Christ is their replacement for the Lord of the Sabbath. The meaning of the word vicar from the latin definition is replacement, or more correctly substitute or successor. There is the Lord of the Sabbath found in the collection of books known as the Bible and there is the catholics substitute of the Lord of the sabbath they call the vicar of Christ, or pope, found in their catechism who they worship on a day they call the Lords day aka Sunday. For pope to claim the Great God of Creation is not divine would be fitting for their beliefs.

I Want A Baby
The reality of liberal thinking and why America is leading the world in the destruction of marriage. Women who are so independent in thought and deed their arrogance clouds sound judgement on raising children. Then the flip side of this is all the women purposely having babies to selfishly tie men to them through child support payments using their children as a type of pawn. In other words you want to use a guy for his sperm or pay money for anonymous sperm? It is difficult to fully explain how self destructive this type of self absorption really is and the disadvantages you bring upon the child. Where is the love when you use a guy for purpose of creating a child yet leave the guy out of the picture for raising and knowing his own child?

Am I Really Married
Cute and I'm sure it was sweet and special many children do this too and forget their vows months later. For legal purposes without a witness you are not married, and in USA you must present a valid certificate from a person who has a license to marry. Also someone having license to marry cannot marry themselves to another.

Are you married in Gods sight? Easy answer scriptures do not demonstrate this concept of having a private ceremony between to people and through their private ceremony they declare they are married. You may reply that scriptures do not outline everything in life which is true and is used to sidestep Gods instruction. Many don't want to follow Gods instruction and still want and expect Gods blessing.

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