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Getting New Orleans With Rita
The point being made...there WAS NO racism in the rescues in N.O. as some podium pounding, media seeking names have claimed. I saw brotherhood and Christian love demonstrated. Where were these radical, critical "black brothers" who did nothing but shout racism charges? They were in front of TV camera in a suit and tie. No racism seen among rescues or in shelters for the 1000s. I put my money where my mouth is..on the front line.

Getting New Orleans With Rita
In New Orleans, beginning Tuesday morning, August 30, I saw men in helicopters risking their lives to save stranded flood victims from rooftops. The rescuers were White, the stranded Black. I saw Caucasians navigating their small, private boats in violent, swirling, toxic floodwaters to find fellow citizens trapped in their houses. Those they saved were Black.
I saw Brotherhood. New York Congressman Charlie Rangel saw Racism

Getting New Orleans With Rita
I saw a lot of brotherhood
Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who constantly cry "racism!" even in situations where it does not exist, even when undeniable images illustrate love, compassion and concern. These three men, together with today's NAACP, want to continue the notion of Racist America. It is their Mantra, their calling card. Their power, money, and continued media appearances depend on it.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
AMEN!! Ralph

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
You are absolutely right...I should specifited, the fault lies with the men who fathered children and left them to the loose women and tax payers to raise. NO wonder there are so many rapist and criminals loose on society. The surgery needs to be for everyone who has a child out of wedlock and on the tax payer. But NO abortions.
NOW....I'm done with this subject and movin' on.

How You Helped Katrina Victims
YES I HAVE....and may do more. There are a lot of needs in many areas besides New Orleans. Those people will always be in need. "The poor you will always have with you." I want to help those who help themselves. I gave to churches in Miss. They can distribute to their members where needed...or rebuild their church.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
My point is....BE GOOD STEWARDS. There will be no end to this helpless pholosphy. It's a custom, a lifestyle. NOW it's time to teach them to help themselves and expect it. I'm totally shocked at the women with many children...but no fathers in attendance. Seems they need some immediate surgery. Tax payers need to tend to that urgent need along with the meal tickets and roof over their head. They didn't come to your community with any morals either..

Katrina Victims Getting Big Money
I hope for the best for everyone caught in this disaster..and hope their lives are much better and richer. Have any of you received information from someone who lives in that area? They are scared for their lives from the mobs & gangs of criminals running loose. Best we think of these people..and the rescuers. Some people don't want your help. They want no hinderance to their life of crime and drugs. It's time to wake up to reality in this situation. This is a civil war on AMerican soil.

Can Others Help Katrina Victims
Hang on America. There will soon be more catastrophies that will desperately need your aid. They will increase more and more in the last days..the Bible say. The next one could be your house. Lay away for that day and don't expect anything. I gave to our denomination to go to a churh in Miss.....FEMA is taking my tax dollars and throwing it willy-nelly. The nation will be bankrupt SOON. Remember this statement.

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