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Is The Anti-Christ Alive Today
Yes, I believe it very well may be President Obama. He fits the profile and has come out of nowhere and rose to power VERY QUICKLY! Now, with him winning that Nobel Peace Prize FOR DOING NOTHING, it is making sense. The end of days is here and we will see the return of Jesus Christ in our time. God help everyone who does not see this coming. President Obama already has the majority of the world fixated in his power and blind to what is really going on!

Are There True Prophets
hahahah truely Mima, you believe in man and not God do you know the person a true prophetess.. Your past blogs reveals your hatred in the dead SDA prophetess you unashamedly insult ugh yet you believe in this one You have too much faith in man squid..I wouldnt even trust your lady with a polecat..((((%)))) tch tch tch maaaannn

Fear Of Water Baptism
I, too, was afraid to get Baptized{total immersion}. It hindered me a long time. My husband {who's a Preacher} Baptized me. My nose felt a little funny afterward, but I was SO GLAD TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!! You'll be glad to get Baptized. I am!!!

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