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What Is Word Of Faith
Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If the words they speak are the annointed word of God brought forth by his spirit it should apply. If not this work or counsel of man will come to nought.

What's A Good Altar Call
An alter call should not be a ritual of calling sinners to confess Christ as saviour when only the faithful are in attendance with no visitors. The annointing of God should guide the pastor to ask the faithful to come down for prayer for their needs and at times the Lord should reveal what the individual needs without their saying. Alter calls should be led by the spirit of God just like the rest of the service. Not the spirit of man or passed down vain repititions.

What Is The Purpose Driven Church
That depends on the purpose. If the purpose is to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord and to show HIS glory as they remove the the saints desires for the things of this world that may become gods before him, it is probably scripturally sound. If it puts the focus on this world and increases the saints desires for the things of this world and it's riches, it's probably a synagodue of satan.

I Am A Prophet
AMEN Daphn.

No Instruments In My Church
The Mennonite church that I visit has a song service consisting of about six to eight songs sung occopello. It sounds pretty good when sung by those who have done so all their lives. Our church uses instruments as we believe in making a joyful sound as witnessed in many scriptures. I may not agree with their view but I will give honour to their sincerity.

No Instruments In My Church
When I asked my Mennonite friends why they don't have instruments inchurch they told me it was because their ancestors worshipped in fear of being caught and did not want to make any loud sounds. The practice of singing with no accompanyment was carried over to modern services. Their services are very humble and serious.

Are Rebuking Ministries Good
The word says to rebuke, reproove, and exhort. Rebuke, or point out what's wrong, Reprove, or re-prove the truth using the rightly divided word of truth, and exhort, or lift those who are wrong back up. All three parts should be done in love, considering ourselves, lest we also be tempted. If he is God's mouthpiece, he will examine himself first before rebuling others.

I Am A Prophet
I have met many self-proclaimed prophets and they all tend to follow the pattern of not wanting to be instructed and some of them have rejected teaching by those who are prophets, yet don't sound a trumpet before themselves. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed prophets end up damaging saints prior to falling away themselves.

I Am A Prophet
A person can justify in their own eyes not listening to man and to God only, but if they truly are a prophet they will follow the word of God. The five fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers is for the teaching of the saints. All are under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the Father. Elisha was subject to Elijah. Anyone that is not willing to be in subjection to an anointed man of God to learn is probably not a prophet and may be heeding the wrong spirit.

Attacking On This Website
The Lord said he came not to bring peace, but a sword right into a man's house. The commandment to "love" should never get so out of hand that the truth is trampled underfoot. Love and exhortation are nice but when taken to extremes allows people to believe things that will damn them. Speaking the truth often hurts and should never be cast aside as called unloving.

I Am A Prophet
Remember that most prophets were known as a child and the Lord revealed himself and spoke to them at a very early age. They, in a sense, grew up and were trained by annointed men of God all their lives. Also the word says that all matters are established by two or three witnesses. Most prophets are recognized by minsters often in services and told there is a calling on their life as such. I wish you well.

Cross Dresser In My Church
Moderator, No! I'm saying that some need to remove the beam out of their eyes to see the mote in someone else's. Also, I would hate to stand at the judgement seat of Christ knowing that man's blood was on my hands because I turned him away rather than allow him to hear the gospel.

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