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Husband Left Me Yesterday
Hello, I know how you feel. I've gone thru the whole thing myself. If I can be of any support, please email me. It's been 10 years for me, I'm remarried, but the pain is still there. The children are the ones that suffer the most. How could an individual be so selfish to leave a lovely family, especially his children for someone else?

Husbands Blames About Kid
Okay...she is your step child, and will ALWAYS resent your position on dicipline and authority over her. Your Husband needs to go to her with open communication. She does these things for attention and distraction. More than likely she does not want to get high all the time, but wants something else that getting high is filling the void for. HE needs to talk to her, have her express her feelings, wants and needs. She needs stability above all else, divorce will send her spiraling out of control.

We Want A Donor Sperm
Just make sure that your relationship can handle this. Some men are very sensitive to this sort of thing. Men can also have very fragile egos. This baby will be "another man's baby" technically. On the other hand, there are plenty of good, godly men who can accept another man's baby as their own in the case of artificial insemination or just a simple remarriage - happens all the time. My best advice (having been there)? Get some couseling before embarking on this journey.

I Am 19 And Love A 42 Year Old
Don't do it. I married a 42 y/o guy when I was 20. He loved nobody but himself, but sure had me convinced otherwise. He was SICK, but I couldn't see that either. It was miserable. Society is not who you need to worry about. What you need to figure out is what he expects of you and what you expect of him. Are these expectations compatible? And are they realistic? You will change in ways you can't predict now.. but he won't. It's a huge step. Pray. And give yourself a few more years to grow

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