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Is This God's Best Mate For Me
"The best online marriage tip I would like to give is the same tip the Apostle Paul gave, "It is better to remain single as I am." If only everyone got that revelation that Paul got, there would be alot less divorces today, amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/13/06"

Women Cover Their Heads
I don't agree with the way you deceive others and think it's great fun. Marcia 23, Kathr 50 something, all of the little nuances to help you remember the million monikers you use.
I don't agree with your interpretations of the Bible or the Holy Spirit. No, I don't agree with you. But it is sad the way you plaster yourself over most every blog and smother out Scriptural truth.

Women Cover Their Heads
Chipper>Robyn>Marcia>Kathr, I don't agree with your fundamental holiness teachings.

What's sad, when I go back and look at older blogs - it's filled with Kathr,Chip,now Robyn,Marcia and your other monikers - filled to the brim. Your answers under different monikers, monopolizing so many of the blogs. It's hard to find the older bloggers with Scripural answers.

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