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Should She Date A Disabled Man
As a 30+ yr old male who has been disabled since birth anda wheelchair user can i just say that surely disability or being differently able is something everyone has. not every person can do everything for example some people can swim others can not, some can walk andsome can not, some disabilities you can see but there areothers within that you cant see. live and let live. what is foryou will never pass you.

Dungeons Dragons Demons
Clearly many of these people have not played the game. It is no more or less spiritually damaging than many other things you do in daily life.

If you believe that every single moment is lived to praise God and doing anything for yourself is wrong, then no it's not the game for you, nor is any game because games are for entertainment. Even biblically-oriented games are there to entertain first and praise God second.

On the other hand, if you already indulge in other forms of entertainment like watching TV, listening to music, or reading novels, then D & D is no different. It can be good or bad depending on you. Like anything else, do not let it become an obsession or run your life. Otherwise it is fine.

Is God's Word Sufficient
Of course God tells the truth: Numbers 23:19 God is not a man that He should lie
***Our sufficiency is of God, even when we don't acknowledge it

Puzzlement can be explained by people just simply not reading. The Word explains itself right there in the text, but people want to ask each other "what do you think this means?" It means what it says it means, do not privately interpret

Should I Marry My Fiance
Read: 1 Cor 6:16 (unites himself... become one)
Then Mat 19:6 and Mark 10:9 (let no man separate)
From these few verses you can see that you have made a mistake but now have a resposibility as said in 1 Tim 5:8
You are family whether you have a piece of paper to show that or not.
Life will surely be tougher for you since you are now with a unbeliever, but you need to show the love of Christ to your family.
I once heard the greatest thing you can do for your child is truely love your partner. This will be the standard by which he/she will live by.
Also Luke 14:26 (hate your family)God before family.
I hope some of this helps, and I will be praying for you and your relationship to God and your family.

How Can I Save My Marriage
My wife left with my two daughters four months ago, as she had decided she no longer loves me. I have screamed, i have cried and i have felt pain like never before, but i will continue to trust the Lord.

Are You Born Again
the Bible shows us there is a definite knowing one is saved (the Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit) Acts shows us 2 ways that salvation came tongues of flame (to show its arrival and worthiness Acts 2:3, 11:15) and laying of hands(primary Acts 8:14-17) Sauls own conversion shows us even though he knew he stood before Christ and believed he wasnt saved until Ananias layed hands on him debunking Rom 10:9,10 on its own!(Heb 11:40, 12:1,2) My own testimony is as Sauls the scales dropped from my eyes and an unmistakable peace/joy/love a feeling I was no longer alone. there is no human feeling that equates to being born again!!!

What Is An Orthodox Jew
Michal - Hinduism is the oldest religion - far older than yours.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
One Sunday my wife and I felt compelled after a Lifeway lesson touched on the subject to start tithing. Before then we couldn't imagine living without that 10%. Now we couldn't imagine living with it. Its a faith thing not a prosperity thing. The truth is, we, in this materialistic society, are not faithful with what God gives us. We shop at the name brand grocery store instead of the Save-a-ton. We shop at the mall instead of goodwill. We prefer Kreaft over generic. The truth is, if we were more faithful with what He gives us, in addition to tithing, He will more than bless us. Spiritually and monetarily.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
I personally know this young Evangelist. He and his wife had paid their bills but had come to "tithe or eat for the next week". This was a hard decision to make for a family with four young children. The Evangelist decided they would tithe and trust God. They went to church and never mentioned their hardship to anybody, not even their parents. They didn't go out to lunch with anybody but went home to empty cupboards. When they opened the door to their kitchen, there on the table and counters was a months worth of groceries. The point is, God already knew their need and had sent someone to the store before they even commited to do the right thing. It's a faith thing. Do you really believe? You can actually live by faith and believe.

Do Christians Have To Go To Church
The Church of Jesus Christ is NOT a building, whether it's someone's house or a huge commercial-type structure. WE are the Church, the ecclesia, the congregation. Salvation STARTS with spiritual renewal--John 3:3 and Romans 10:9, 10--so we can first SEE the Kingdom (not the Church). It CONTINUES with renewing our minds and presenting our bodies as living sacrifices, proving what is good and acceptable in His eyes (Romans 12:1,2). It CULMINATES when we are completely set apart from wickedness and given completely over to God (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Part of that process is assembling together with other believers, but let's not get it twisted--if you say you "go to" Church, you cannot BE the Church. How can you go to yourself??

Equally Yoked In The Bible
Okay here is my situation, me and my girlfriend are two different religions, Im methodist and she is catholic, but we both believe in Jesus i know we have slightly different beliefs but we love each other regardless. Am i wrong or what, because my youth pastor thinks that i need to re-evaluate...what say you?

Husband Takes Lie Detector Test
Bond's the Name.....Junk.

Evangelist Is Talking Dirty To Me
Just tell him he needs to seek a chat with his Pastor, and tell him/her what he told you, or if not, you'll have a chat with his pastor for him, and that will save him the bother. Sex is for Marriage. Don't ever trust a Christian, trust Jesus.

Scripture For Satan Listening
Jesus knows your thoughts and satan does not know them so pray silently
---willa8985 on 9/20/05


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