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What Would You Ask God
If I could ask God one question, I would ask for Three, and they are...
1.) How Can I reach more people for you?
2.) Am I in your perfect will?
3.) Can you help me erase the ill-effects of my past on my present?
That's all!

Hard To Be A Christian
I can FULLY understand that. Sometimes it is difficult to be a Christian. I've had a few times I felt like giving up, but (Thank you Lord) God helped me realize that what the world has isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and WHY would I want to even THINK about going back to empty tinsel and glitter, or self-absorbed mindsets? It was during these times that I grew stronger. Oftentimes, it would preceed a new and deeper, more spirit filled experience.
Isn't that what "Grace" is all about? Depending on God's sustaining power in His Word, In Prayer, In Fellowship, In Praise!!!
Dear Friend in Christ, Check out these verses...Galations 6:7, Matthew 11:28-31, or how about Jesus never leaving us, nor forsaking us, no matter what.

Is Killing In A War Wrong
Let me put a different light on this.
1.) The commandment says LITTERALLY,
"Thou Shall not MURDER." To kill for a justifiable reason is NOT murder 4XPL: When a person shoots someone who is about to do deadly harm to others that is "justifiable homicide". but to kill a duck, for example for fun, or boredom, that is murder!
2.) From Abraham to David, and others, were told to not just defeat some armies, but to totally eliminate every form of life of a targeted enemy. Why, How about STD in the livestock for a possibility?
3.) To take a life of a baby, who is (i.e.) innocent is not justifiable, is it.
4.) In the M.E., IF we don't keep on stopping the terrorists there, we won't be able to stop them here.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
IF... you are wise, Mary, you won't do it.
Know this: It isn't a sin, HOWEVER, it CAN be the greatest mistake that you make in your entire life.
Of ALL the (150,or so) people that I knew that married an unbeliever, about 149 of them suffered greatly, some for DECADES !!!
With out Jesus, Without the the bible,or Torah even, as a person's moral compass, what prevents them from doing wrong, or immoral things to you, or your future children.
Don't do it friend!

Called To Witness In Bars
Jesus told us to go...and COMPEL people to come into the kingdom. I'd say "yes", but there are some cautions to take
1.) Make sure you are STRONG ENUF not to partake in their drinking and coarse jesting, but give short, and wise answers.
2.) Make sure that no new or potential christian will suffer in their faith as a result.
3.) Bring a strong christian friend that can be truthful, but not critical or overbearing.
4.) Comunicate this to others, including your pastor before hand.

Lifting Of Hands In Your Church
Ever hear of these different jewish words for worth-ship...
1.)"TODAH"= To exend one's hands in praise (#8426-Strongs) Ps. 22:25, or optional... (#3034-Strongs) Lifting one hand in agreement
2.) "YODAH" To Extend one's hands, or thrash the air with one's hands To HIS Greatness!
3) Dancing your praise to God, like David, or Miriam, Ps 149:3, 150:4
I'm pretty sure satan would not like you to be praising God at this level! BUT... you could just stay mad at others who do.

Humor Blog #10
I like the story of two "Smogarians" walking down a street. One says "Oh wow, look, a dead bird!" The other looks up into the air and says "Where, I don't see it!"

What Are You Thankful For
I am very grateful for four, no five things in my life...
1.) God's Word, it is a Fantastic-Replete-Holy-Matrix. I LOVE God's word.
2.) A devout christian family, in which any of my family members could have led me to the Lord.
3.)My supportive famiy.
4.)A Church that is in tune with the movement of the Holy Spirt.
5.) The Gift of the Salvation and the Holy Spirit

I Am Not A Christian
I am glad that you are still sensitive to God enough to ask, but Now is the acceptable time for God. Do you really KNOW if you will live to see another day? NO, none of do of course, so why wait! That way you could be near him for-ever!
As far as leaving your husband, No,friend, NO! You STILL love him, GREAT! Keep on keeping on. God holds the marriage vows almost as high as he does, the church. 1st Cor, ch 7, says that if married, or un-married we are not to try and change that, at all.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
I love catholics for their sincerity and emphasis on love, many of my friends have been catholics. When I was in the military, it was a catholic priest who gave me the best advice in many areas.
That being said, Historically, the catholics have assimilated many religious rituals from many different religions. Why?
1.) To obtain acceptance in hope of following up with the "truth", 2.) Increase Reach & Power, 3.) Reliance on Tradition and Rationalization OVER the written word of God.

Tattoos Becoming Popular
1st Cor. 9... St Paul said "To the jew, I became a jew, to those who are without the law, as without the law."

R'r, Jeus said, "We played a dity, and you did not dance, We played a dirge, and you did not mourn."

I plan to put a Cross on my upper arm with the letters, "A thru E" for the ABC's of Salvation.

Romans 10:14, "...How shall they hear without a preacher?"

March Humor Blog
A Highly advanced alien creature came to the president and warned him that planet earth was about to be destroyed.
The President balked, & Objected and offered many proofs of our own advancements, and good people, All to no avail.
Finally the president mentioned Jesus. The Alien said "OH YES!" WE honored him, gave all that he asked and he blessed us beyond belief, What did you earthlings do with him?
President... "Uh...We killed him.
Allien... That does it!

Men Wear Hats In Church
Personally, I respect the tradition of NOT wearing hats in church, However...
IF a young man should come in, who is NOT a christian, then the Holy Spirit will convict them.

How about a woman wearing a halter top, I would have to ask: saved?, unsaved?, or new believer? before I EVEN begin to correct. And maybe not even then if I don't have a established friendly relationship with them.

You teach by your example, and you convince them with your loving discipleship.

How To Get To Heaven
Jesus said it simply...
(In Prayer, Tell God you...)
BELIEVE on Jesus for the payment for all sin
CONFESS your sins and sinfulness to God.
INVITE Jesus to live in your heart.
DEVOTE your life to God
Be BAPTIZED to show your identity is in Him.
ENJOY ALL His Blessings and Gifts He gives.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Ugly, Shmugly, God had a great imagination, and it allowed him to demonstrate His AWESOME Power, Creativity, and Skill in Engineering. Even the protozoa was not able to be copied accurately until the last ten years. God also had a sense of humor, and that's what many parts of his creation was. Take, for example: the Platypus, The Protozoa, The ant or the bee. And as far as the dinosaurs go, The scientist aren't certain what head goes with which body.

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