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Dating A Married Woman
I must wonder if Bathsheba was free of blame because she had no choice but was forced by a King's order to attend him in a sinful manner on his part. She was merely taking a bath and I would guess many things were done on the roofs of the homes. Does the Bible say she bathed on the roof with the purpose of enticing the King to lust after her? Not really does it? Doesn't it all add up to the fact the King sinned with lust,rape,and then had her husband killed. She didn't plan any of that,did she? Could that be the reason he was punished and she was blessed?

How Does God Communicate
I just want to share my own experience with the Bible as a child. I wasn't even 10 when I was learning the Bible because from a very young age Mom would put me next to her and read the Bible to me especially as it pertained to something happening right at that time. She read verses to chase away fear or whatever I had a question about. I couldn't read but I could learn and understand which put the Word into my mind and my heart learned to trust in Jesus for all things. She was doing what the Bible tells parents to do,bring up a child in the way they should go. I learned to love and trust God and how to pray.

Pope Francis Prayers
Leaders have gone nuts trying to please Islam but God doesn't like it nor does He accept it. Allah and Our Christian God are not the same. He will have to answer for this mistake.

Gorilla Killed In Cleveland
Nicole Lacey Thank you,right now he has a stomach virus,pretty sick and I have been sick with a form of it for over a week. Nicole I have been finding dead bees in my kitchen floor so I looked them up and they look like killer Bees or Carpenter Bees one,now I must get someone to come kill them very dangerous for Senior Citizens and we also have a Lab away from home training to retrieve but due home any time. They would kill her. I am going to get them killed out if we can find where their hive is. Please pray I can get them killed out and for F N my husband. I hope you are well and doing fine.

Interpret A Dream
To understand a Dream you must understand how it's parts refer to you. I learned to translate my Dreams in the 1970's when I developed a condition which caused everything to pass straight through me for 7 1/2 months and they found nothing physically wrong. I requested a Counselor and he taught me that. Turned out Antibiotics caused it. One of my dreams showed a spring with muddy water when I got well the water was crystal clear. I also saw a house full of dirty rooms very cluttered,I knew the house was me and when well it showed a clean house. The dream you had has something which refers to you and it doesn't have to be Spiritual to do that. Never put Spiritual meaning on Dreams unless God makes them clear they are Spiritual.

Gorilla Killed In Cleveland
Nicole Lacey that is so true our son has Kidney Stones a lot. My husband only had one his whole life when our children were 4 and 6 ,they are 58 and 60 now. I hope they checked he had a MRI and thats how they found the Bladder ones,they look up in there Thursday and he can mention the back pain then. He has back trouble before but not the same place I think it was higher. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Gorilla Killed In Cleveland
Leon That sounds like a very good point but I must ask you,is that only mammals ? Leon I'm sorry to get off the subject but my husband found out this morning he has Bladder Stones and Thursday morning they will be looking at them and then make an appointment for later to blast them to break them up to pass. He is having a terrible back ache and in fact so bad he is in bed with it,we think it probably is the stones doing it. Please pray for him he is still recovering from the number 8 stroke he had Jan 31 this year. He is 83 and we both give God many thanks for all he has already done for him. Thank you so much. Darlene 1

10 Commandment Denominations
This is what the Bible says about the Sabbath Day, Colossians 2:16 "Let no man therefore judge you in meat,drink or in respect of an Holyday,or new moon, or of the Sabbath days," A person wastes their time in God's eyes trying to fit the right day into any church or denomination or attribute it to any person other than God. Don't "judge" period.

Can Christians Have Depression
Cluny I take Antidepressant pills every night but mine aren't for depression they are to help prevent the migraines I have. It doesn't matter what medicine you take if you need it. I seldom ever get depressed but for those who have clinical depression it is God's blessing to have medicine available for it. Everyone gets depressed sometimes thats no sin,for me I recognize real and the one brought by the spirit of depression,that one I fight and rebuke in Jesus Name and send them to the realm of darkness where I bind them in Jesus Name. The Bible says I have power over all the power of the enemy through Jesus,I stand in the Word.

Lack Of A Healing
Nicole Lacey Thank you but I have seen it and you are right it is a beautiful story. I am impressed at the number of different species that have had a relationship with another kind. Perhaps we hear about it more but the stories are delightful and a surprise. I love them.

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Nicole Lacey I admit that sounds bad and it's extreme but it doesn't have to be about lust. I was 16 when I married my husband and we have been married over 60 years. My Grandma was 15 and my Granddad was 28 they lived together until Granddad died when he was 86. I think it's up to the parents to double date with them, my parents did us, and get to know him and see if they could be married. His Mom and my Dad went with us to get our blood tests and signed the permit that allowed me to marry. I was a grown woman in behavior I cooked supper,cleaned house every Saturday,sometimes did laundry and ironed ,girls learned how to be women a lot sooner back then.

Do We Need A Bible Degree
We have the best Bible College we can get,the College of God with the Holy Ghost as our teacher and the Bible is our Textbook. The Bible says we need no teacher for the Holy Ghost shall be our teacher. God tells us in the Bible to seek and,search,and knock and it will be opened unto you. There is no better way to learn than God. Glory to God.

Tattoos Are For Pagan
The handwriting of ordinances which was against us we see in the New Testament was nailed to the Cross with Christ. That should answer any questions about what we do or don't do of the Ordinances in the Old Testament.

Tattoos Are For Pagan
It is just as I said Leviticus is speaking of not cutting or tattooing for the dead,both connected with the dead. Or, is a conjunction used to connect alternative terms for the same thing. Or, is also used to connect words,phrases,or clauses which represent alternatives. I don't like tattoos myself but even so I will not judge those who do them without being connected with the dead. God is their judge not people.

Do Most Follow False Gospels
Samuelbb7 I didn't send any money God's miracles aren't for sale and that is where people make their mistakes. Just because a person sends money and dies it doesn't mean there is something wrong with the Preacher,it is the person going the wrong way to receive from God. All you need is unwavering faith in God,a Preacher has no power what goes on in a Ministry comes only from God. I'm so sorry for your loss,she had the wrong teaching sometime in her life. That is where Wisdom, must be used. It is so sad when that happens,it strains a persons faith.

People Scared Of Holy Ghost
Cluny I see that you would like very much for me to be wrong about tongues but God has taught me in the Bible and in my life what tongues are really for and that is to serve God and minister as God enables and for His purpose. I'm sorry to have to tell you God will never give you anything you don't believe in,it takes a surrendering Faith in God to receive from God. God will honor what you want and that is to avoid God's Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with tongues. No matter what you say about others and tongues you can't erase what God is doing in another person's life.

Top Priority As President
Leon ha ha I doubt even that would stop them frankly. The Drug Cartel has already dug tunnels and some have been found. The sad thing about Wet Backs(called that due to having to cross the Rio Grand River) is many die in the bad lands between Mexico and getting to cities,plus they cross privately owned property and owners must deal with the trouble they bring. There have been truck loads left to die with no way to get out. It has a lot of bad sides to it.

Return Of 15 Year Old
Cluny no there is nothing going on we don't know about,these are people we have been close to a long time and they are ,as I told you,Christians. The children were very small when adopted and this girl has been with problems since the start. I wonder if the biological Mom was on drugs when she carried her. I know people always think the worse but it just does not apply in this case. They are good parents and good people.

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