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Early Church Observe Sabbath
>Did the early church observe the Old Testament Sabbath?

Yes and did so till at least as late as the 5th century according to two 5th century historians who had no theological axe to grind.

Is Obama Against Israel
>He (Obama) has stated rather strongly that he is a Muslim.

He has never, ever said such a thing.

Obama Sealed From Public
>Since Obama's actual birthplace is in question,

See Wiki, under "Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories."

Name Of Adam's Wife
>What did God name Adam's wife?


Obama Sealed From Public
>So Obama has so far spent 4 1/2 Million to keep his BC sealed from the American public.

Where's the proof?

1st Century Christian Traditions
>-The scripture that convinces me the most that the Sabbath was given only to the Hebrew people is -

And yet most Christains at least as late as the 5th century, when the church as mostly Gentile, were still keeeping the Sabbath. In India they did so till the 1540's and in Ethiopia they kept the Sabbath as late as 1600. The Sabbath is for the those who believe in God, love Him and keep His commandments.

1st Century Christian Traditions
>and obseved ONLY since the time of Moses.

If that was true, then how did the name "sabbath" as the name of the seventh day of the week appear in over 100 languages? Dr. William Mead Jones who found this says that this came from the time when the languages were created at the Tower of Babel--long before there ever was a Jew.

Question: what were Adam and Eve doing on the Sabbath? As God's children and having been made in His image wouldn't they be resting too? God certainly didn't need a Sabbath--so it must have been for man--we certainly do need a rest after working 6 days!

1st Century Christian Traditions
>Yes, the Christians Sabbath - the Lord's day, Sunday -not the old Jewish Sabbath.

1) Sorry to disappoint you, but they were keeping the Sabbath as distinct from Sunday. Check out the Ecclesiastical Histories of Sozomen and Socrates. You've been told, and shown, this before.

2) There's no such thing as a Jewish Sabbath--there's only God's Sabbath which He made at Creation vs. evolving over time.

1st Century Christian Traditions
>As far as the church moving away from 1st century values, I will say that the ones of Apostolic origin have not.

They did on being saved by faith and not by works, keeping the Sabbath and baptism by immersion.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
>We need to prepare ourselves for marriage with Christ before we can have a marriage with another person. Christ must be first.

Excellant advice!

United States Become Socialistic
>No, it is the Socialist seekers that would like people to think truthers are being rejected.

I was recalling a news editorial about conservatives who were rejecting the brithers and the tea party movement because it made the GOP look like a bunch of nuts and they didn't want to lose the next election--which is what will happen if this kind of nonsense continues. BTW, Glen Beck (who is not a socialist) also disowns and ridicules the claim.

United States Become Socialistic
>...a illegal alien, Born in Kenya, a citizen on Indonesian and a moslem with a multicutural background.
---PASTOR_JIM on 2/26/10

Even the conservatives are rejecting birthers.

Did Christ Atone For All Sins
>1.Did Christ atone for "all" the sins of "all"?


The Feast Of Tabernacles
>So go ahead and enjoy your pork roast, oysters, or catfish.

The later two eat the refuse that falls to the bottom. And the sewage treatment plants don't get everything.

The TV show Medical Mysteries had one about a young Jewish guy who was having grand mal siezures. At first they thought it was a tumor in his brain. Another doctor looked at the X-rays and said no those were trichna worms. Turns out that the house-keeper and cook came from Central America.

Televangelists High Salaries
>He was telling people they need to follow God's instruction and send their money to Rod Parsley.

Then you know where not to send your money.

Who Wrote The Bible
>you constantly demand evidence for evolution, so evidence of how the bible or one book of it was created should be easy enough for you.

PMJI. I've never demanded evidence from anyone about evolution. John wrote the book of Revelation. Martin Hengel did an iunteresting study in which he found that back in those days they would attach a tag to the handle of teh scrolls that indicated who wrote it and what it was about.

Do Other Bible Scrolls Exist
>But Daniel quotes from Baruch ...

The other way around.

United States Become Socialistic
>Those here who equate Obama's policies, and liberal views, with Communism do not sound like young people. They write as if they are quite mature.

Unfortunately they aren't very knowledgeable about the differences between American liberalism, European socialism and communism.

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