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Committed Adultery In The Past
yes you should tell your husband. God wants us to be honest and truthful. If your husband truly loves you he will forgive you. it also not good for you to hold things inside. (THE TRUTH) which is JESUS... is always best

What Is A Stronghold
strongholds can be both negative and/or positive.

David would hide out in strongholds (places of refuge, like caves, when he was being pursued by Saul) and he even wrote in 2 Samuel 22:3 - My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my STRONGHOLD, my refuge and my savior - from violent men you save me.

There are other scriptures that speak of strongholds in the negative sense and we are hence encouraged to be set-free or delivered from them.

Great responses to this blog!!!

Should Abortions Be Illegal
Yes abortion should be banned. Abortion is just as a society - throw away for unwanted. An easy answer to rid of dealing with the situation. To God it is a sin. It is true murder. Thou shall not kill is one of the ten commandments. When is a baby considered to be alive in the womb? When a live egg is fertilized by a live sperm. Then life begins. Another is who are we to decide who lives or dies. Only God has that right!

My Husband Hits Me
i know how u feel. i have been friends with my ex scince we split and thats been almost a year now he beat me and he would always try and blame me for it, i dont have any family i dont feel i can tell my friends whats been going on i have been trying to get my own house but i have still not been able to get one so i have been living with my ex scince we split and he has hit me said some realy bad things to me talks every1 in to beliving thats it was all my fault i feel traped and i am also at college i dont know how i am manageing at the moment as i feel so low to a point i dont care about myself, so i would say to u if its realy thats bad and u have some were u can go then go because what u are feeling now it will only get worse

Blotted Out Of Book Of Like
Why didn't you answer my questions?
If it can be blotted out(erased) then wouldn't it be written there before being erased.
It is my understanding that you can't erase something that wasn't there in the first place.

"All the names of every single overcomer is listed in that book. If it's not there, it will never be there. If its there it will always be in there. If it was removed because of some action you did, then God would have made a mistake and He never makes mistakes. Only man make mistakes."
---MarkV. on 11/20/09

You said this but God says different from what I have read. And what makes you think I haven't studied my Bible?

Blotted Out Of Book Of Like
Why would I be angry? And why would you assume that?
All I said is that what you are saying doesn't make sense. Not according to what God is telling me or what I have seen from others.
God says if we overcome we can't be blotted out, right? Well, what happens to the ones who don't overcome?
It says Blotted out, Markv, that tells me that at one time they were listed or else why would God say he would erase them(blot out). How do you erase something that was not there, Mark?
And there aren't 2 books of life.
And what about the great falling away when Christians will be deceived, how do you explain that?

Blotted Out Of Book Of Like
If it's not there, it will never be there. - markv

Are you saying God doesn't save souls everyday?

If it was removed because of some action you did, then God would have made a mistake and He never makes mistakes. Only man make mistakes.
---MarkV. on 11/20/09

Man does make mistakes and they can come to Christ only to fall away. I thought that was what the great falling away is. People who were in the Book of life but were blotted out because they fell from Grace.
This verse tells me that they can be blotted out for not remaining and enduring with God.
Blotted means to remove or erase.
How could they be blotted out if they weren't written in it in the first place?
what you are saying makes no sense.

Is God's Grace For All
Thank you kath.

Now, why is it that some believe that some are born in to being chosen and that others or just destined for hell and get no hlp from God? that thay have a reprobate mind and can't be forgiven?
or even chosen?
Where does it say in the Bible that man is chosen before the foundations of the Earth?
In my Bible it says "Chosen in HIM(Christ) before the foundation of the world"
"Predestined in HIM(Christ) to be saved".
How can someone think they can be in CHrist before they were even created in the flesh?

Spiritual Gifts For Today
I found the the gift of discernment, to be most useful today. Because I had an encounter with someone that pretended to be someone they were not.

Oil Appearing On Your Hands
It is a very rare sign of the pouring out of the holy spirit in the healing hands works.I have experienced this more than 3 times in the ppast year.Some can find reasons to explain the oil but a true christian needs no explaination.The oil has appeared in my hands it does have a sweet smell..My hands will burn become hot while the rest of my body is cool.They will burn n drip of oil til whomever needs a healing is reached or touched.I would love to see the oil pour everyday but God dont work that way,,he gives you miracles things to show n tell others to bring them back in his flock and continue to show his presence

Praying For A Good Wife
I know exactly what you mean im 40 and i still cant find my prince charming all i find is toads who use me and drain my checking account

Is A Saved Sinner Possible
I dont think you can remain is the sin you repented from and be saved. Christ died once for us and not for us to continue in the sin we repented from when we were saved. How can we be saved if we do not change.

Decided To Stay A Virgin
stay a virgin, you have more time for GOD! And you dont have to worry about STD! Give yourself to GOD. I have also put away s*x. Iam not a virgin but I have put myself away for the kingdom of heavens sake. I have been this way for 7 years. I have a living husband we are seperated and Iam not free to marry anyone or have intercourse because I want to say clean for GOD.

Prayer In School For All
Prayer in school is very important. We see how are schools are now battlezones prayer would change that. Parents have a important role in this. Prayer should be a staple in the home just like food. God wants us to be filled with his words too. Prayer is necessary and should not be put on the shelf till needed. Prayer sholud be a daily activity.

Why Are Christians Gluttons
probably because it is legal...there are a lot of oerweight chrsitians, maybe because it seems to be a sin to want to look nice. saying that i have a glutton issue which i have tried to rectify by purging but i am still fat. is there any hope for fat people?

Christians Doing Yoga
I do yoga all the time and love it ! It helps relieve stress and helps back . I pray (to God )while doing it and find the studio I go to says for you to pray or reflect on what you wish.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
Sandra, whether you want to admit it or not, you were the victim. Even if you were a willing participant, you were a child, he was the adult. I came from a home where my sister was molested by our father. And to this day, she has problems because I think she feels it was in some way her fault. My father is in church and forgiven for what he did, but keep in mind he was in church when he did it to my sister too. Seek God, and Christian Counseling, you deserve it.

Wearing Jeans To Church
I am a pastor's wife, and I see no problems with wearing pants or jeans to church. In all the comments below, I can't find the scripture that says it's wrong to wear them. People are basing there view on this from traditions, instead of bible. Some have tried to say, that you should wear your best. Well if that's the case, how do you know those jeans aren't there best?

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