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Married With No License
Adam and eve werent married by any one other than under the eyes of the lord and they stayed together forever without legality. if you love each other then divorce is never an option let alone mentioned . If they stand before god alone with only the love for each other then isn't that enough. gods happy and will bless their marriage as the one person they wanted to have it witnessed by is God himself. Ppl forget the sanctity of marriage and what it means but instead c $ signs and used the bible to manipulate ppl into believing its a sin to not b married in the eyes of the law not just the lords eyes. U forget its just a piece of paper a marriage has to work with love trust patience and loyalty commitment respect nothing more

Saved With Atheist Partner

So by that logical, in Gods eyes, am I not 'married' to the person I first slept with? The person I lost my virginity to? If someone has had sexually intercourse with say 5 different people, that would be like divorcing and remarrying each time?

Saved With Atheist Partner
When I said I unexpectedly became a Christian What I mean was, becoming a Christian was something I never imagined would happen. I was an atheist and had no time for the church and considered Christianity to be illogical. But praise God that he brought me to salvation.

I do wish to honor God in all I do. However, it's difficult to keep up the lie that I am in love with him and that I desire him sexually when I just don't.

My other issue is that he has been married and divorced (for non biblical reasons) before.

Saved With Atheist Partner
When we first got together I had very low self esteem and little support. I decided he was a nice guy and he managed to convince me he would make me happy. We had our first child very soon after. I was very straight with him from the start and told him about my lack of attraction for him. I even told him I would probably end up cheating on him.
As the time went on I started to tell him the attraction and love was growing because I felt mean telling him otherwise. I have been living a lie. In my hearts of hearts I knew I couldn't go on like this forever I would have to eventually leave him. Maybe when the children got older. But now I have become a Christian I can't make a decision purely on what I want to selfishly do, God comes first.

Date Of Trinity Doctrine
Warwick, I see you are wise in God. I don't AGREE in everything (maybe I'm a bit liberal in some things) but I RESPECT you in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING

We have not met before, but if we are to discuss, let's do it IN THE PEACE OF JESUS

If I make a mistake, please correct me in peace, and if I feel your statement is more than it should be (I am slightly open to Genesis days the first three days of genesis, before the sun, not being 24 hours, please don't excommunicate me!!! - blessings) I will ask you as a wiser person in Christ.

But let us be people who talk about things in peace!!!!

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
andy3996: thanks. As a separate question, do you think it is wrong to celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday instead of the day after Passover - most years it is the same.

I don't think God will fault us for being careless with the date - He will fault us for celebrating it in an ungodly way

But different Christians have slightly different versions of 'ungodly', so we have to be careful there, too

Do Saved People Sin
We still have a 'sinful nature', that is true. But does 'sin' also require the desire to sin, or is just an action that was unintentional a sin?

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Andy, bless you too,
I can't really tell what to call it, as in my first language (Franch) the two are the same.

I just think its better to call it Passover in English, but I don't think it's a sin to use easter if someone is so used to that word


Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Andy: The current day of Easter is, however, the day after passover, except on the cases when the full moon falls on a Saturday.

We would certainly do better to celebrate both Passover (as told in the OT), the day before (Jesus' death) and the day after (Jesus' resurrection).

It is true we are not told to celebrate the resurrection on a particular day, but would you say doing that, on the closest day we can find, is actually evil? I take it to be neutral

BP Oil Spill In Revelation
Catherine: from Exodus 20: 'You shall not bear false witness against you neighbour'

You are calling almost everyone here unsaved

It may be time for YOU to repent

If you reject the suggestion without thinking WELL about it, then it is much more likely you need to repent


Is Obama Or BP Responsible
Cathrine: If you firmly believe everyone here is from Satan, then why are YOU HERE WRITING

Hate is not a Christian value, Catherine

Social Moral Code Christianity
Donna66: THe way of distingushing between an instinctive code and conscientious morality is always difficult - even we ourselves may not be sure what is what!

Awarenes of a higher 'being' is indeed unlikely in animals

Six Days To Create The World
Is it really that important?

We KNOW God created the universe

We know God did it be His word

Isn't that enough?

Oil Spill God's Judgement
Judgement or not, we do not know

Our job is not to know that, it is to do God's will, praying for oour leaders (n0, Catherine, that IS a Biblical command, so don't try to get out of it!)

Cathrine, hate is not a christian value, though you spend lots o ftime filling Christianet with hate

Was Jesus Born With Sin
Catherine: Did God really give you the knowledge (denied to others) of which person who calls himself/herself a Christian is not?

Or is it your job to judge, from such limited evidence, who is a believer and who is not?

Or are you just too angry (when I look at your posts, most of them show too much anger)

It in ONLY if God Himself has shown you, and you alone, who will go to hell.

If not, you should be silent

Oil Spill Due To Obama
We have little way of knowing what the current president could have done about the oil spill (or previous president about Valdez)

We should be careful about what we say, for too much of what we write here is speculation, but all too often passed off as truth

Of course, very very few people know either exactly what happened, or what canould be done now, so it's better we don't sit and act like we could fix it

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
There were some prohibitions in the OT, but I do no think they continue to the NT.

Still, something does not seem right about that......

I really feel that would not be appropriate, but that may be a personal point of view

Moral Lives Without Christianity
Tiffany: You bring up an important point here - withough God, can we know what is right?

At least on book has been published (by a Christian, C.S.Lewis) arguing that, though we cannot learn morals without God, all civilizations have had quite similar morals

I cannot say whether this is quite correct, but the different cultures I've lived in (Greece, UK, US, France, China and Korea) all have many similarities in their morals (with some differences as well)

I THINK that while other people are not given morals by God, they pick them up, from others who were given morals by God

Can Salvation Be Refused
JackB: While your comments about the verses you quote are good, I find it hard to see how exactly the conflict with what MarkV actually says

Could you explain?

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