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Joel Osteen Opinions
I do not trust high dollar shepards. As a lower profile inheritor, one thing that is true is that at least he is consistent in preaching LOVE which is very important. Some of these others who have a myriad of interesting topics re endtimes or prosperity that they get richer off of actually miss the message that with out love we are nothing. AN important message. Repentance needs to be out there and next they will compete for money with that message when it is socially correct.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
When scriptures are taken out of context and misinterpreted, yes so it seems. However, Jesus taught that we are not on this earth to live a great quality of life. It is not our purpose. Our purpose is to Glorify God, Obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, seek after righteousness,truth,Knowledge,wisdom,bear fruit, Love God and others and to keep ourselves uncontaminated from the lusts of this world. That does not sound like material prosperity.:)

Few Find The Narrow Gate
One thing that we don't consider enough is the fact that we need to be where God wants us to be in our lives. Just because we follow rules does not necessarily mean that we are walking a narrow way if we are not really obeying God by listening to His spirit in our lives.

Anything Sacred In Church
Jesus, and the Bride are the parts of the church that are sacred. The rest is housing.

God Hereth Not Sinners
Exactly what it says. If you are going to pray, you need to confess your sins and be purified before the Lord and in your own conscience so that your prayers will be heard. Also, if you have unforgiveness (which I suppose is just sin) in your heart, you must forgive. This is crucial as the 2nd great commandment of Jesus'is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Suicide Due To Depression
I have to agree with Bill and Kathrn but also say that even as a believer that we are overcommers, until one has committed suicide, we cannot say exactly what happened there. Did satan destroy the mind? Does God forgive? Anything could be because we do not know and cannot ask anyone who's "been there." We can discuss our own "close encounters" which we overcame by Gods grace. I know I would not want to stand before God for this offence but I pray His mercy on those who fell from it.

Are There Prophets Today
Usually not. It seems that the ones that need to say that they are this or that or have a need to express stature in the church have selfish motives. One does not need to tell anyone about the gift because the gift comes with power. It is by the power that it is identified not profession.

Should We Pray To Saints
There are no scriptures that indicate that we should pray to saints or anything that is not GOD. Jesus, The Father , THe Spirit those are one and are God and to no other are we to pay homage or worship or pray. This is very important to God because He is a jeleous God ahd HATES idolotry and adultry.

Who Is The Antichrist
While the spirit of antichrist along with false prophets and false teachers have been with us for 2000 Yrs, I believe that the Bible is clear that there is ONE who will rise to power and will do signs and wonders and even call himself God. He will cause everyone to be killed that do not take the mark,666. People without the mark will be unable to but or sell. He will have complete power for 3 1/2yrs. then will be tormented.

Is Jesus God
Jesus is one in the trinity God. Jesus is God and also called Lord or Savior. He is also referred to as the word,the way, the life, light,truth. Please read through the book of John chapter 1:1-17 for understanding.

Were Apostates Ever Saved
To be an apostate, you would have had once believed in order to reject your faith. By the nature of the word apostate, yes the person was probably saved. I believe apostacy is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Because when one rejects his/her Christian faith in totality as apostate, it is calling what is of God, no longer of God. You cannot bring a true apostate back to repentence.:)

Dressing In An Ungodly Manner
I do not think people are unconscious of what they are doing when they dress. When one dresses seductively to gain attention of the oppisite sex, it is intentional. A christan man or woman is called to be modest.

Few Find The Narrow Gate
Ashley)Wow did you ever put your foot in your mouth and expose yourself. It is interesting that you spoke of the fact that Jesus'sheep are the humble and meek and then just POP OFF like that. Not so meek and humble are we? It is so easy to type out intellectual projections of what we would like to be but you just proved that we don't always fit the discriptions of what we type.:)

Dating A Non-Believer
Denna just gave you one of the best scriptures. There is no way that you should even be considering marrying this woman. And as the moderator suggests, it should never have gotten to this stage since you should not as a Christian man have ever dated her in the first place. You wil do what you will do but do pray to God and know that if you choose marriage, it is not in line with God's will.

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