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9 Commandments Not 10
Maybe we could get the new Pope to irradicate the ten commandments altogether. Why not just throw out the entire old testament?
Obviously Jesus showed that the ten commandments all hinged on those two great commandments. He magnified them all.

Should We Keep Holy Days
Yes the followers of Christ should keep the Holy Days. In fact, in Zech. it says that the whole world will keep 'the Feast of Tabernacales' in the Kingdom. It even talks about Egypt (a gentile nation) not keeping it, and being punished for it.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Ref: Shelia. Jesus died on Wed. afternoon. 3 days,3 nights later was resurrected on Sat. as the sun was going down (still the sabbath)..he HAD already risen by first day of week early Sun.morning. But even if He were resurrected tuesday, Sabbath is still SEVENTH DAY.

What Day Is The Sabbath
The issue with circumcision is that it was an identifier of a nationality while the Sabbath was a sign of God and His people. Throughout the Bible, the Israelites failed more in not keeping Gods Sabbaths than circumcision. If the Gentiles were not keeping the Sabbath, it would be way more a big deal for the Pharisees than circumcision.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Ref:Lee, two accounts I recall of keeping GOD's Sabbath BEFORE Siani is Abraham Gen.26:5 keeping God's Commandments(before a nation of Israel was even formed!)..and Ex.16:1-30..where GOD commanded moses and the Israelites to keep the SABBATH. Something obviously created way before Siani. This was the 'test'God gave them.

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee,'observance of law will only produce legalistm?' How absurd. I truly think Satan has many of us fooled on 'it's okay not to keep God's laws.' If we don't keep His commands we do not love Him. Maybe God made His laws, just so we could break them. Jesus died and paid the PENALTY. It does not give us the right to continue in SIN."Transgression of the LAW". We should love the law as David did.

Are Adventist A Cult
Rev. says no adulterers or liars will enter into God's Kingdom. Well, if ADULTERY is not a law, where is the adulterer?
People need to be aware of an 'anything goes' Christianity. Judging people for keeping God's 10 Commandments is crazy. Jesus MAGNIFIED the law, not ABOLISHED it. He taught us how they are supposed to be kept, in spirit and truth, unlike the motive of the Pharasees for power and self gain.

Christian Ten Commandments
Matthew,maybe these accounts will help.
Gen.26:5,ABRAHAM obeyed God's commandments!
Ex.16:1-30 The people of Israel were "murmuring" against God because they wanted more food. So God said, "I will... TEST them, whether they will walk in My LAW or not" (v. 4). Interesting. Because this is more proof that God's law was definitely in effect even BEFORE the giving of the Old Covenant at Mount Sinai!

What Day Is The Sabbath
The Sabbath day is not a burden, it is not a yoke of bondage, it is not an outdated Mosaic commandment that does not apply today The Sabbath was made for mankindall mankind.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Those who reject the Sabbath would do well to carefully consider the following summary of scriptural facts: 1.The Sabbath was made at Creation, it was made for man,2.The continuing cycle of Sabbaths, occurring every seventh day, was never lost.It was carefully preserved by both Jews and Christiansby both Jews and Christians,3.The Sabbath was to be a sign between God and His true people..con't

What Day Is The Sabbath
4.The Sabbath was to be a perpetual covenant,5.The command to keep holy the seventh day is found in the Decalogue, alongside commandments against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, and so on,6.The importance of keeping the Sabbath (from Gods perspective) is seen in the punishment Sabbath-breaking brought upon Israel..con't

What Day Is The Sabbath
7.The prophets tell us that both Israelites and Gentiles will keep Gods weekly and annual Sabbaths during the Millennium. When we add to the above the fact that Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath, the fact that the apostles and early New Testament church kept the Sabbath, and the fact that both Christ and the apostles upheld the so-called Old Testament law, the only conclusion we can come to is that we should be keeping the Sabbath,contrary to what you may have been told..con't

Churches Promoting Da Vinci Code
It's blasphemous!

Urgent Prayer Request
Hello Barbara:
Just letting you know that Bud is in our prayers. Please keep us informed.

Why Is Church On Sunday
Okay, so instead of throwing away the fourth commandment, some people here just want to throw away the entire old testament; yet, that is the only set of scriptures which the new testament church had to go by!
Robin,you put it very well of how men have changed God's Sabbath to Sunday. And it does not say, "a day, or any day" it says THE seventh day. BTW, Jesus rose late Sat. nearing sunset. He HAD already RISEN by the time Mary came to the tomb on the first day of the week.

Are Adventist A Cult
I suppose mainstream Christianity, which keep pagan originated holidays and SUNday worship, want to call any other religion a cult. It gives those who are trying to follow Holy Scripture a bad name. But count yourself worthy; Jesus said such things would happen to HIS followers. To me, the Protestant religion is just a spin off of the Catholic Religion. So why do they all put down the Catholics?

Who is Joyce Meyer?
She seems to be a PROFITess to me.

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