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Why Should I Believe In God
WHY shouldn't you believe in GOD? You are not the center of the universe. What other hope do you have? ABSOLUTELY NONE. Of course GOD IS. You wouldn't be if HE wasn't.
Consider this...When you come to die...and you certainly will, what then? I can tell you.....the judgement.....what then? No GOD...NO hope..for eternity!!! That's a LONG Time to regret your stubborn pride. Think seriously while you can still choose to trust Him. Your eternal soul is in the balance forever!! Read Romans 1:20. NO excuse. NONE.

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
Certainly there's only ONE WAY to Heaven. Jesus' blood is the only covering for your sin and mine. Only The Perfect Son of God could atone for our sin..which MUST be covered and cleansed since NO SIN is allowed in God's presence.. Jesus is THE way and THE light...NO ONE comes to the Father but by the blood of Jesus Christ. All other "savior's" are dead and they graves full of their bones....ONLY Christ rose from the dead...and assended to SIT (work finished) at the right hand of God ON THE THRONE. AND..He's coming again to judge the living and the reward his children and judge those who reject Him to instead choose their own pholosphy of being worthy, thus to be DOOMED ETERNALLY

Does God Really Know Our Troubles
DEAR Kiiza, God know all about your trials and trouble. THANK HIM. When you are walking with the LORD, trusting & obeying, you can be assured HE knows and protects you. NO good thing does he withhold from those who love HIM. NO doubt God spared you from worse future. Do your very best to teach this child about the Lord who loves him/her. When you do that...depending on Your FATHER for everything..HE will guide, protect and provide. Keep you eyes and ears open for HIS direction. I KNOW....from past experience. OH YES...God KNOWS AND CARES and LOVES YOU.

Christians Can't Sin
OH YES....While still living in this body...we do sin. But we want to sin less. Our desire and goal is to honor Christ in our daily life but we won't be sinless until we are "changed in the twinkling of an eye"
I John 1:9

Should The USA Leave Iraq
Do those opposing the war in Iraq seriously and intelligently considered the SURE consequences if we leave the terrorists free reign in Iraq? We haven't seen terror yet compared to the effects of pulling out and leaveing that country at the mercy of the evil that will engulf the Middle East....and ultimately the whold world.

Christians Can't Sin
OH YES....While still living in this body...we do sin. But we want to sin less. Our desire and goal is to honor Christ in our daily life but we won't be sinless until we are "changed in the twinkling of an eye"
I John 1:9

No Money To Tithe
YOu are using "handicapped" as an excuse. God doesn't allow for excuses. Sounds like you must re-adjust your spending habit..cut out TV and other expences. You certain can matter's what's important to you. Cut out eating out or whatever is taking GOD's tithe. Will you rob GOD?? Mal. 5.

What Is Salvation
Salvation is God's Grace when he sent his Son to redeem me. ALL....I have to do is repent, in need of forgiveness and turn from sin,(Rom. 3:23) call upon Jesus to save me from Hell's eternal punishment. Rom. 10:9-10, Romans 5:8
Heaven's a place without sin. NO SIN ALLOWED. I must call on the ONLY one who can permanently pay my sin debt. The Perfect Son of God, Jesus nothing. Eph. 2:8,9. After salvation, apply verse 10 to worship and serve God..and gain rewards for eternity.

Why Do People Hold Grudges
I don't think it's a grudge as much as a deep hurt and fear that others may hurt us again. It's a subconscience feeling of self-preservation. We must be forgiven but we can't forget the scars of the past and are "on guard" against future wounds, especially when there is no repentance from the offender.

Pope Meeting With Muslims
I don't know...but I'm watching for there to be a compromise with Islam and Catholism. It will be in the name of peace. There won't be any peace...but the writing is on the wall. In the last days they will say, "peace, peace" but there will be no peace...then sudden distruction will come upon them. Keep your eyes open for any treaties between these two religions. There's a kiss-up in the making.

President Bush Called The Devil
When Chavez said what he did about our President, he was ultimately saying it about the citizens of this great nation. Keep in mind....GOD ALMIGHTY anoints leaders and removes them. (scriptural) to curse our president is to critize GOD's man for this time of our history. Charvez should never be allowed on our soil again...AND stop buying his oil!!! That will bring him to attention and some respect for the U.S.A.

Meaning Of Being A Christian
To be a Christian mean I have:
A...admitted I am a sinner.
B...Believe (trust) Christ died for MY sin
C...Confess and Claimed Jesus only is my Savior.
Heaven and God's presence is a perfect Holy place. NO SIN ALLOWED. Payment must be made for my sinful state. Christ paid it all. I trust him and receive Him as My Savior AND LORD of my life. Pray a simple and sincere prayer of faith and ASK JESUS to cover your sin with His Blood. That's the only way of salvation. Eph. 2:8-9 Rom. 5:8

What Country Are You From
I hale from the Great State of Kansas, in the famous and beautiful Flint Hills. A million acres of Bluestem grass pastures and 1000s of handsome Beef steak cattle. Here's where those big T bone steaks come from. My name is Not Dorothy, and my dog's name is NOT Toto.......oh and BTW...our roads are NOT yellow...but should be cause it's lovely here except for that shortfall.

Are Building Programs Godly
If the members tithe as directed in scripture,GOD WILL BLESS and there will be more than enough to accomodate the worshipers with ease. People, especially the unsaved simply will not come to a dumpy, frumpy crowded building. If they won't come, they won't hear God's WORD taught. Is it an honor to the LORD to have a crowded, unattractive building? I think not! We all want to live in a neat home,WHY in GOD'S NAME would you settle for less for HIS HOUSE of Worship? Think about it. Christians MUST tithe.

Are Building Programs Godly
WELL...sorry but I beg to differ with you. We had a small congragation of 150+....and started growing so fast there was no room. We put up a large, neat steel building and now have TWO Sunday morning services and they are both full. We are often baptizing people so God's WORD is getting out to a LOT of people who would never come to hear if there was no room for them.
The people tithe and help those in need..but keep in mind..."The poor (and lazy) you will always have with you".

President Bush Called The Devil
Hussien gased thousands of his own nation, the Curds. WAS THAT NOT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? Do you think he and his hinchmen are sorry and will never do it again if permitted?... Do you deny Iran is headed for WMD ASAP....Israel knows it.

President Bush Called The Devil
#2 Bush did NOT lie to the public!!! All in Washington believed there was WMD and voted for this war. Didn't SH gas his own people? HE shipped the WMD to Syria and or Iran. Duh!! There was sure enough time to get rid it..before the inspectors arrived. That's fact! Far better to fight terrorist on THEIR soil....I don't want another 9-11.

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