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Does God Tempt Anyone
God put it there and said "do not eat of this" that is not tempting. What Satan did was temptation. I believe it was placed there as a test to see if man would obey Him. A test ( to see if you will trust and obey God)- is different from being tempted. Temptation - trys to get you to sin -to disobey.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
We all have an ugly past. We have all sinned. Leaving the past behind, we press on to the mark with Jesus. If you confessed this to Jesus, He has forgiven you, ask Him to help you to forgive yourself. Ask a Pastor to point you in the right direction to get counsiling over this. It is hard, but we have to leave our old nature behind and walk in the new one. Look forward, not back. God has good things for you.

Son-In-Law Left His Wife
Not that what he did is right. But no matter how messed up a Christian life can get, God can forgive. Hopefuly he is right with the Lord now. We are not the judge, nor is anyone perfect. It is sad it happened this way. Focus on God, forgivness and His salvation.

Generational Curses For Real
Exodous 20:5,and Exodous 34:5-9. Some say that when you make Jesus the Lord of your life all generational sins are broken. I believe that they can be in the name of Jesus. But, It would not hurt any, to order any curses to be broken in Jesus Name!
The Bible says that we are not under the curse of the law. The curse is broke off me in Jesus Name!

Marry Fast Or Burn
Are you talking about yourself or someone else? Or just asking? You should not have feeling like this about just anybody. If you do it's a problem. But, if you are intending on dating with the possibilty of marraige and these feelings arise, it is natural for this to happen. Then Gods word says, it is better to marry then burn.

Am I Beyond God's Reach
There are verses that say's "if you will return unto the Lord, He will return unto you. He that confesses and forsakes his sin shall find Mercy. If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive. The way you feel right now, may be the Lord drawing you back to Him. Because He loves and wants you. He just wants you to admit your sin, repent. He already know what it is. Admitting you did wrong to Him, frees you up. Every man has sinned and has to confess to Him.

Is Baptism A Work
Cindy, good verse...thank you I change my mind.... baptisium is by faith and is a work... I REPENT!

Twenty Minute Church Prayer
You will fill much better if you go to the persons and talk to them about how you feel.
Take this to them frist between you and them. Then if nothing changes and you have not other group to join...take it to the Pastor.


What Happens At Death
If then to be absent (for the believer) is to be present with the Lord - our Maker. Then I suppose to be absent for the unbeliever is to be present with his lord- satin.

What Is A Real Church is where Jesus is. The word said where 2 or 3 belivers are there He is in the mist. Where Jesus is accepted and Loved back and Praised.

I Have A Crush On My Pastor
Find another counciler. Do not feed yourself with what makes you weak. The Spirit lust against the flesh and the flesh against the Spirit.I think you are in love with the Spirit of God and the beauity of the Lord - God on Him. Pray for eyes again for your own Husband and when you find yourself desiring to be close...pray and think of your Husband. What ever. Do not, Do not mess with what God has done with this man. and do not sin. Talk to JESUS over this. Your actions will follow your thoughts.

Husband Has Female Friend
I do not agree this relationship is right. If your husband can not enclude you - he must stop.

What Is A Real Church
Mine ofcourse! "just joking!
Church as described in the Bible is where there are 2 or 3 people who have heard the good news (belived the wittness and power of the Spirit of truth)- repented, accepted Jesus and His teaching....and are living to do and give thier best to live a rightious life before Him and who believe in sharing this love and forgiveness. That is what church is! Coming together in A unity of Faith in Jesus. Plus.....

Does God Hear Prayers
Ask yourself what is the prayer truly for and for who to hear??? Is it from the heart. Do others benifit from this or just me. God hears and answer all prayers. Don't play games to rack up points with God.

Christmas Put Me In Debt
Bless your heart!!! Many churches ofer financial to get out of debt. We have each year set a limit on what we will spend on kids..... and went over. after 13 years...this is the frist year we stayed with it. 1 gift to each kids...and it value the same. Family and friends - 1 gift-lesser vale. and how wonderful not to be in debt. My family and I had the most wonderful time -even thou there was only 1 gift each. And they are learning from us.

Many Women Pastors Today
No! not at all. God use's woman for His reason only and His purpose. I am a woman of God - I love my husband and the word. It has hurt me and pride - but there is a freedom in being who we are to be. It may hurt to get in line. But when we do...there is a unknow blessing only to those who are in line. Woman have a place. So do men. The world is so out of order. I do not support a woman president either. The man is to take a lot of the brunt that the woman should not have too. That is the way it is!

My Female Boss Is Fussy
Do what you can as you are suppose too. She is the boss. Good or bad. If you do not like your job get a new one!!! Boss's do not have it easy either. And Let me say woman are fusy. Men are domenearing.People over you have a job...making them feel good by doing yours supports them. Just do your work, do not focus on them....cast down emagination... do your work. Or get a new job.

Divorced People Not Leaders
You may say you believe in forgiveness also.... but you do not if you hold this against someone who messed up. You are not forgiving. If you make a messtake in your checking book. Should your wife submit to you and for give you. You messed up. Why should that person lead. Rediculious. And yes I know I can not spell. You blessed one.

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