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It's The Mother Or The Child
The life of the fetus is also highly at risk if the mother's life is at risk. The fetus is dependent on the mother. Protect and save the mother first! Even in life-threatening situations in an airplane ride, when oxygen levels drops, it is always advised that the mother put on the oxygen mask first before putting on the child's mask. Save the mother first!

Spend The Money Or The Pet Dies
Part 1: The definition of "deathly ill" is crucial because if your pets are sick some diseases if not cured would surely bring death to your pets. As a pet owner you should take care of your pets. Some preventive vaccines are needed so that your pets would not get sick easily. You won't be wasting a lot of money if you will use preventive measures.

I Married In Haste
srs: (Part 1) I am wondering what culture you are from and what religion you do belong. Aside from that I am wondering how young are you. As I understand it, Westerners and those societies influenced by the call on "equality of men and women" would not venture into arranged marriages. Women of age have a say on whom to get married with. Are you mature enough to size up your role in your marriage?

Parents Marrying Me Off
Miriam: Please pray for God's guidance. Ask your parents politely to listen to your reasons. Explain to them your reasons and your desires the way you explained to us. I will pray for you.

Why Are Males Disrespected
Part 1:
There are so much eroding of respect for men and maleness in today's society because "some men are so proud of themselves" that one could conclude that this "type of men" believes they are the best creation of God and all the rest are simply secondary. This type of men believes that women are simply their subordinate and to be relegated to things and issues not of importance. This type of men are the enemy of women who believes that men and women are of equal footing.

Love A Non-Christian Guy
Sherin: Are you a Christian? If you are, then I believed you have encountered the term "unequally yoked." I would not suggest that you leave him but I would suggest for you to think things over. You can also start sharing your beliefs with him.

Where To Go To Church
I want to ask you questions: Is the part of you that says you belong to this church the emotional part? Is the other part of you that says you don't belong is the rational part-the one that dig into doctrines? What's your reason for joining a church? Are you joining a church for socialization purposes only? Or are you joining a church because you are convinced with the truth carried by the doctrines of the church?

Join Penpal And Blog Systems
The moderator is right! Join us here at the Bloggs, chat and penpal section at CN. Welcome! Share your ideas! Have fun while gaining friends and learning at the same time!

Created By Gas In The Atmosphere
Chrismeana, I believe that before you would tackle any Bible teaching with your children, you have to settle yet with your husband any difference in belief and understanding regarding God and His teachings. I have seen couples having different religions settle the issue on how to bring their children up. When the children were younger, the children were brought by their mother to the mother's church and the teachings they followed were those of the mother.

Adultery OK If Both Are Happy
Frann, what do you mean by "common-law partnership"? I have to understand this term before I can share you my idea. Does it mean "the man is living in with the woman that people considers her now as his wife but without the blessings of the church or of the civil society"?

Seat Of Our Emotions
The seat of my emotion is in my physical body.

Done For Jesus Christ
I have made a song to encourage the Pathfinders and the Master Guides from our University who attended a Tarining camp. The song goes this way:
We will serve the Lord
With our hands we'll serve the Lord
We will serve the Lord
With our hands we'll serve the Lord

We will do what the Lord commands
And we'll serve Him right with our hands
We will do what the Lord demands
And we'll serve Him best with our hands

We will serve the Lord

Done For Jesus Christ
The term "hands" can then be replaced with "strength", "hearts" and "minds".

It can be made an action song too for kids.

Women Want An Immediate Answer
This strikes me! I always need an answer, an immediate one. I am a teacher thus, I am used to have my questions be answered right away. I could not leave a question hanging because the answer to the question makes someone learn.

Did Saddam Get Saved
Getting saved in a Christian way is different from getting saved in an Islamic way. Holding the Koran at his death means that to the end Saddam Hussein was still fighting till his last breath! It means so much to his followers! Calling to Jesus Christ? To the Islamic belief, Jesus is not the way to his salvation, so why call on Him?

Is Global Warming Bad
AlanUKquent64534: Don't get dismayed. I am a physics teacher and I believe that GLOBAL WARMING would create changes in our lives in the future. Don't get dismayed... everyone has the right to say what he/she wants to say/believes.. I am hearing you.

Reasons For Marriage
Bruce5656: Basically, you are not among those that I considered who would want to jump out of matrimony. In fact, I considered you to be the best person who could say what you want in marriage because you have been there. I hope the singles who are longing to get married will consider what you have said:"100% committed relationship and investment in someone that only marriage can bring."

Reasons For Marriage
Donna9759: Thank you for sharing with us your reasons. You have my sympathy. Dale, Thank you for the good words and the advice. Lynette, God bless you with your pure desires and hopes. John T, that's a good joke - and good advice too!

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