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Hurt By A Church
Cluny- Questioning of our pastors is expressed in Acts "False Shephards". As a former Elder and head of the education committee at the WELS my duties to my fellow Christians to not only "obey them and rule you over (pastors AND elders)" but secure that teachings were from God not Mans' commands. Errorism refers to various continual acts of errors made. If by one raised as a Christian the term is Persistent Errorist. If you require further reading on Persistent Errorist try and find an article written by Pastor Bert Naumann of the CLC in 2005 or thereabouts. His description is dead on as I was taught in religion class. You shall destroy those who speak falsehood, The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man (Psalm 5:6)

Hurt By A Church
Thanks for your comments and hopefully my reply from yesterday that was not posted will not show up confusing the order of this blog. But with all the comments to "move on" and such a singular question arises- "When do we as Christians abandon our efforts on earth and give up?(On church bodies and people)Would Jesus have stopped His efforts? Does God spiritually move some of us to "fight the good fight" until we are exhausted or is "moving on" an excuse not to follow through with Gods' leadership?

Hurt By A Church
The Bible states we are to question our spiritual leaders and stay on guard as the Devil attacks those closest to God. When the WELS ignored the errorisms of my ex-wife and treated me like trash my brother-in-law a WELS pastor told me to "challenge" the church body which I did- they refused to come forward and ignored me. The Bible states they and my ex-wife must repent and apologize to me as so-called Christians. Until this is done closure is not final. A group of "true believers" recently formed within the WELS questioning the "sincerity" of its' leaders and pastors-little wonder that the CLC broke away from the WELS in the 1950's and brothers Naumann were the leaders of each synod. Great family reunion.

Hurt By A Church
Donna66- I donot believe profiling us people still in pain is a fair assessment of bitterness or letting go. We asked for help from the church bodies that we gave our spiritual love to. I personally never asked for anything from the church except Gods' love as a church member and brother. I received nothing in my singular time of need. The Bible clearly states that if another errors and refuses to repent and continues to be a persistent errorist admonishment in front of the congregation should be conducted against either that individual or pastor. No help to the stranger beaten beside the road. Hopefully in time the WELS and other churches will wake up to their shortcomings and repent and I can move on in Gods' world.

Hurt By A Church
Got divorced 11 years ago in the WELS. Ex-wife wanted another husband and threw me to the side.No one helped including our pastor that she scared so badly that he was shaking after she snapped at him but still allowed her to have communion without admonishment. Even my in-laws 1 a pastor at another church or her 2 sisters teachers at other churches reached out to our 2 sons. She re-married 2 weeks ago and did not invite her family or sons one living with her. You who think the alarm bells would go off at her new WELS church. She hubby use to own the farm previously owned by my ex-mother-in-laws family.

Woman Divorced Three Times
Divorce AND remarriage is a sin. Mark states this(10 v12) Wife threw me aside after 20 years as she was a demanding persistent errorist. She needed the trade-in version. Ironically instead of remarrying a smart, educated Christian as she claims to be she married a Wisconsin farmer 7 years older than her who makes 1/2 her medical field wages. Guy cannot program a VCR according to our son. She did not even inform her family or our 2 sons one living with her that she was remarrying. Ironically on Facebook she writes about the Buffet concert that I took her to as a birthday present AND THEN submits a photo of her and the farmer. You would figure that the church would question her but again she use to bully everyone including pastors.

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