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Age Of The Grand Canyon
Habakkuk 3:11
The sun and moon stood still in their habitation at the light of thine arrows as they sped, at the flash of thy glittering spear.

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
I always wondered about people who believe Ben Hinn has any credibility. He is so clearly fake, it is truly astounding to me. His 'prophecy' has been proven false many times, again and again, no one cares. His 'healings' have been shown to be set ups, again and again. Yet millions listen to him, common denominator I suppose, someone explain it to me.

Age Of The Grand Canyon
"The earth is the center of God's universe, with the sun, moon, and stars merely providing various essential services for the earth and its inhabitants." [Henry Morris, The Biblical Basis for Modern Science (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1984), p. 162] The Bible clearly does teach that the earth is the center of the universe, the FIRST STEP away from the Bible was NOT evolution, but the heliocentric model. I accept the Bible!

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