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Should I Date Someone Poor
Jed: Who brought up welfare? I certainly did not. You can not deny that you made a blatant statement that a person who is broke is broke due to their personal lack of responsibility.

Welfare was never mentioned by me, nor anyone else. Sometimes tragic events occur, that overwhelm a family's ability to pay, such as in Mark's situation. He was not blaming anyone, but he certainly was not in a position to pay all of the medical bills his insurance wouldn't pay. That is not being irresponsible. That is called an overwhelming burden that most families could/would not be able to pay.

Should I Date Someone Poor
Jed: I believe you missed Mark's point. A lot of doctors will accept what the insurance allows, and don't charge more. Many will let the difference go, especially in hardship situations.

Your original message was that if a person is poor, it's because they were irresponsible, no excuses or exceptions. His question was, is he to blame for the financial mess his family was in due to the medical care of his child? How, if at all, were he or his wife, IRRESPONSIBLE?

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