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Who Is The Serpent
Post 29.I'm stopping in to add one more point.
Adam and Eve were the last on the list to be created.
Beasts of the field was created before Adam and Eve.Gen.3.1 Serpent is one named descendant from that seed who had ancestors before Adam and Eve making Serpent's mother and father and ancestors an older human seed(race) than Adam and Eve or their seed (race).
And at Gen.3.15 Serpent went on to have descendants who like him were also beasts of the field which the Jewish historians did not recognize as another human race of man living along side them.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 28.Micha,post 26 to you and 27 to everyone else did not get posted.This post to you may not either but if it does it is my last here.Because of that this is my last post.
The Pharisees were known to hold the Talmud,(oral laws) laws of men at a greater value than any of Moses' laws.
The Pharisees were Jews like Jesus was when he was here in human form.
So Jesus was not stating that they were such physically because he too was a Jew.
This is my last post.
Thanks every one for participating in this .
Love you all for joining in on this blog.
See you later.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 25.Micha,You state "the serpent is Satan".Untrue.
Here is why.For "Serpent" to be alive he must have ancestors and for him to have descendants he must marry and sow his seed,have off spring and they become descendants from him.See Gen.3.15
But you say "the serpent" and Satan are one and the same.
So my question to you is Who is Satan's wife,ancestors and descendants?By your argument Satan would be a dumb animal .And then it goes circular.Satan is the serpent and the serpent is Satan.
Beast of the field is already taken by "Serpent".
Gen.3.1 says nothing about Satan deceiving Eve,if he did it would have stated such.
Satan was not there.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 23 And let's not forget the Samaritans who were half Israelites who the full blood Jews despised

Who Is The Serpent
Post 24. Micha .You posted too soon without reading my posts. Refer to post 22 and 23. It is the acts of the beast that tells the truth.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 22. Joseph, The beasts of the field ,Gentile and Goy are slowly marrying into the Jewish race as we speak and have been for a while.They are seeding the house of Judah and Israel.We have Palestinian Jew ,American Jew and etc.
Where as at one time it was forbidden under Moses law.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 21. Joseph, refer to post 7.
The Jewish historians did not differentiate between animals and humans who were not Adam and Eve's seed /descendants or unclean people.See post 10
To gauge who is who or what regardless of the Hebrew translation you present is when we recognize in a verse that a beast is functioning as a human then it is a human not an animal,just like Serpent deceiving Eve.
The act (what did this beast do)tells the truth not translation when it comes to the racial slur beast.Post 13 is where beasts were denying God.Animals have no concept of God,only man does.Translation is hit or miss but the act tells all.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 20 .Stevenq, Jer. 31.27 Snakes cannot seed the house of Israel and Judah.
Lev.20.15-16 Snakes cannot lie with a man or woman and be charged with a capital offense.
But beasts of the field(humans) can.
I clarified Gen 3.1 and Gen 3.15 to show what the Jewish historians did and why they did it.
Satan or an animal was not deceiving Eve ,Serpent was.There is no analogy to use at Gen 3.1

Who Is The Serpent
Post 19 Stevenq. Gen 3.1 Serpent is a beast of the field.Serpent is the name of this beast of the field.
He is not acting like a serpent ,his name is Serpent.
Satan is not described as Serpent because it was Serpent not Satan deceiving Eve.
Beast of the field is a racial slur for humans not from Adam and Eve's line of descendants
Satan is not found at Gen 3.1,only Serpent the beast and Eve was there.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 18.Here are two verses compared with the racial slur "beast".
Jer.31.27 Man and beast will someday intermarry to make up the inhabitants of Israel and Judah.
Lev.20.15-16 man or woman who lie with a beast shall both be put to death.
What is the seed of beasts sowing in the house of Israel and Judah?
Is this not the death penalty by Moses law?
And their blood shall be upon them.Does a common animal know it committed a capital offense? No

Who Is The Serpent
Post.17 Mike. I missed that you did post saying you believe "the serpent" is "the devil".
Scratch my last post to you.

Who / what is "the devil"?
You tell me if "the devil" can adopt,mentor and father what,who ,how ,where and why.What does the bible say on these 5 .
What is the difference between "the devil" you place in the garden and any of the devils Jesus cast out?"
My reply is back to post 4 , Gen. 3.1 Serpent was a beast of the field.(did not say "the devil")
And post 7, beast of the field is a racial slur for humans not from Adam and Eve.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 16.Hello Mike.Who is the Serpent as this blog post asks?
Whom do you say he is?
You did not say in your last post here.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 15.I would like any Christian thelogians,preachers and teachers to give this topic an inspection and comment on any errors you have found.

Who Is The Serpent
Post.14 Any comments?Please do.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 13.Beast and brute beast are also used as racial slurs describing man that is not Adam and Eves seed and equal to animals. Examples are 2 Pe.Ch 2 and Jude in "old time"-(pre flood era).

Who Is The Serpent

post 12.When the racist phrase "beast of the field" is lifted from Gen 3.1 it reads something like this in modern phraseology.
Now Serpent was more subtil than any of his seed.
And Gen.3.15 would read as follows "enmity between the (man )and the woman.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 11.Jesus is not racist but he got tagged for saying a racist saying common to the Jews at that time.
Discussion of that will throw this thread off course so I wont.

Who Is The Serpent
Post 10.Jewish historians only recognized the descendants of Adam and Eve as man.All other humans is beasts of the field and dogs. The NT makes a statement of Jesus referring to a woman as a dog because of her non Jew status.

Who Is The Serpent
You openly said Satan is a fallen angel.
Matt. 22.30 Angels do not reproduce.Satan is out of the picture now.
Gen.3.15 Serpent reproduced after the curse. "his seed" -his descendants.

Who Is The Serpent
Gen 3.15 post 8.There must be descendants to I.d .who is who.The descendants who hated Eve's descendants are Serpent's not Satan's. Cain is not Satan's boy. Eve said gen 4.1 I have gotten a man from the Lord. However Serpent, a beast of the field had ancestors to be alive and has descendants after decieving Eve.So the Gen .Serpent cannot be Satan in Rev. Nothing is said about a wife or children

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