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Meaning Of Being A Christian
So people now have their free ticket to heaven and can live their life as they please and still make it to heaven?

Why Should People Attend Church
I didn't write the last blog with my name on it. Somebody must have done it by accident. I question whether the church today is the Body of Christ that Jesus Christ originally put together or if we have some man made church today?

Why Should People Attend Church
It is important that we meet with other Christians that we may edify and encourage one another, keep eachother accountable, teach and help each other, be an example to others through our love for one another. Although I find attending church valuable, I find that small groups that meet in the home for a Bible Study are more effective in my life in regards to what I listed above. If you feel the church experience is a counterfeit to what Jesus intended for us, maybe you should try a Bible Study...

Why Should People Attend Church
I am around with Christians at work and lunch and am able to freely witness. Church doesn't allow such freedom to pray and tell people about Christ.

Why Should People Attend Church
All that I am really hearing here is that we are suppose to go to church. I learn little from the Bible at church and hear less from God as churches today typically don't have prayer time, altar calls or spend time in discipleship. I learn more and hear more from God by just reading the Bible and walking the walk throughout the week. Church doesn't allow us to pray for people during church time or to help others. I am only allowed to minister to others outside of church. I have more freedom to minister at work than at church. Your comments?

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