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How Can God Send People To Hell
Many times people may say why God is doing this or doing that.How can he do or let these things happen to others and the key to the answer is this, Jesus died for us all,suffered all for us,and gave us life eternal for those who accets Jesus into their lives. God is not sending them there,they are sending themselves for denying Jesus.Its either Heaven or Hell, death or life and I choose Heaven and Life over death and Hell. May the Lord bless each and everyone thru the faith each one has in him, amen.

Did The Apostles Worship Mary
Ryan Z, you are correct sir. Everything that you wrote is true and according to the Word of God. Ryan, when I was a Catholic, I too believed these lies, and thought that I was a Christian, but just like most Catholics, I was mixing lies with the truth of God's Word. I didn't know. I was like Lorra, ignorant and in the dark.
Lorra, take the "Who is Mary " quiz.

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