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Muslims And Jesus
Why do you criticize christians for eating pork on another blog if it is forbidden to criticize other religions

Favorite Superbowl Commercial
Sue-- there is nothing wrong with you. Many churches are like going to the movies, you come in pay your money, watch the show, and go home. Scripture says we come together for the benefit of each other, this is hard to do when the only interaction is during a handshake before the offering is taken or on the front steps after the service

Time To Prepare For Rapture
John---The two scriptures you gave Matt and Luke clearly show that it is the wicked that are taken. In Noah's day who was taken. The wicked. At the end of the Luke 17 they ask Jesus where would they be taken. His response was a parable of the day that meant, where the sinners are their judgments from heaven will not be wanting. If you doubt what I am saying you can find it in your Greek reference materials

Started The Trend Of Church Going
The "trend" of going to church started during the Babylonian captivity. Since they were isolated from the Temple and the altar, people would meet for payer and study of their scriptures. After their return to Judah men like Ezra continued this practice and the rest is history

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
This is nothing new. Many other countries have already adopted these ID cards. It is used in many European countries and is presented instead of a passport to other countries in the EU. I don't see how this is any deferent than a social security card or drivers license. If this is the mark of the beast does that mean the mark of God will be issued by the church in the form of an ID card?

Is Heaven Real
Phil -- I am curious, Do you see the description of heaven in Rev. as symbolism and not the actual description of a place. For instants the 12 gates, the street of gold etc. I notice that many say all the streets of gold but the scripture is singular one street or square.

Belief In God But Not Christianity
Something to think about--- The name of "Christian" was coined by the outside world, not the believers themselves, the early church never refereed to themselves as Christians. It was usually used in contempt. I wonder why we have adopted this name judging on how it was first used? Thru out history Christianity has described western culture as much as it has a belief system. Is this what the question is about?

True Meaning Of Christmas
Eloy-Where does this idea come from about not swaddling a baby in warm weather? The purpose for swaddling was more than for warmth. besides if the mothers body temp. is 98.6 then the baby would not be to warm wrapped even in warm weather.

I Am Cheating On My Husband
AB don't let hopelessness slip in. It is possible that your husband could meet those needs and be the complete man that you desire. I went through a time like this in my marriage and through much work between my wife and I we have overcome many issues that cause me to look for fulfillment in others. Remember it is in our God given makeup to have these desires fulfilled. We just have to learn how to both fill these needs and have them filled by our mates.

Causes All To Receive A Mark
Gods people missed Christ's coming the first time cause they were looking for a literal fulfillment of prophecy
. Do we not realize there are spiritual meanings to these things? Does history repeat itself?

Causes All To Receive A Mark
Thru out scripture the implanting of something in the forehead symbolizes the mind the right hand is the works of mans hands

Do Doctors Or Jesus Heal
Faye- do you drink chlorinated water or just go down and scoop it out of the creek? Didn't God say we would drink poison and not die. Your tap water is medicated. where do you draw the line. I have witnessed Gods healing and seen people die that were not. God chooses who, how and when. To say its from lack of faith is for God alone to Judge.

Living By Faith Or With Money
I have lived by faith at times, totally. I have made decisions based on what God told me to do without the means financially and otherwise, knowing from him that he would supply. And he has. I learned that we can say all we want about living by faith but actually doing it is a whole different ball game. I would say faith has different measures that are increased as we are exercised in it.

Passover Or Christmas
Donna- I can understand you frustration with people and their beliefs, however it can cause much heart ache enable us from being a witness (I am speaking from experience not accusing you) I feel that in many cases being a living example is the best action. Peter said we should be ready to give and account of the hope within us to those who ask. I sometimes have to ask myself, How am I living that would make them ask. That puts the ball in your court

Passover Or Christmas
You know what the funny thing is? I have understood from both sides that the Catholics don't condone the marriage of a non Catholic, nor the Jews condone the marriage of a non Jew. So are they really practicing their own religion?

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