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What Are You Hoping For
I see this and it looks a little choppy. Let me organize.

1. During summer of 2001--pursuing gifts.
2. One week before Sept 1, 2001--spirit of love imparted
3. eight years of confusion
4. July 2009 --joined OA (constant focus on personal relations)
5. May 2010 -- gave away my inventory (5th step)and Experienced a spiritual awakening

End-Time Handmaidens
I don't understand how you can call the End-Time Handmaidens a cult. They follow only Jesus. The vows are published on their website and only state their commitment to God. Have you spent time with these people? I have. They are kind, considerate people who spend a lot of time in prayer. An extended period of fasting and praying is required before joining. I have fasted and prayed but I haven't been able yet to complete 21 days. Have you? Have any of your readers? The instructions for replying to your blog say thst replies must be Christ-like, which many I read are not. It neglects to state that the blogs should also be Christ-like. You should be ashamed of yourself. May the Lord convict you of your deception and cause you to repent.

Falsely Accused By CPS
Contact all Congressmen, Senators, Contact news media.
This is happening all over the country - CPS gets Federal Funding for children they take (steal). Destroying innocent families, devastating children's lives. Attrocious what CPS gets away with. Allowed to lie, present false testimony with no proof or evidence. What happened to this country?

Our children were abused in 'shelters' CPS puts them into - kids were NEVER abused by anyone in their lives. The experiences they are having now are horrific.

Go to all websites, learn what your rights are. Knowledge and numbers are power - exposure and getting the word out is vital.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
No matter your age, I understand. I truelly do! After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that I verbally abuse my husband. I had him so he didn't even realize it was wrong. He just figured I was a typical demanding wife. I can not begin to express the amount of pain I caused him. With the help of God I am 8 months into recovery if you can even call it that. My heart is weak and scared. God is the glue holding me together and guiding me to his own loving ways. I admire you standing up! You are not weak! You are God's creation, made in His image! You are a wonderful man and you deserve the respect and love of your wife. Please ask her to get help. She needs guidance.

Falsely Accused By CPS
YES we have been involved in a Nightmare with CPS. It started with false allegations of abuse, which were disproved and escalated from there. I am still appalled at the lies and dishonesty by CPS workers as well as the violation of everyone's rights. They are never held accountable, are allowed to lie in court, make false allegations they cannot substantiate, abducted the children. I can only advise everyone out there to Know Your Rights and be sure you demand a warrant and to speak with an attorney before you ever allow them in your home or talk to them.

Divorced Church Leaders
NO remarried pastor/preacher should be in leadership. They are living in adultery according to God's Word, and yes, even those who divorced due to adultery---their own or their spouses. Scripture teaches us that only DEATH dissolves the union joined together by God(rom. 7:2-3, I Cor. 7:39)........not conversion, not new vows, not divorce, not sexual sin, etc. Herod and Herodias did all the above(except become converted), yet John still named Philip as her REAL husband (and none of them were born again). John then lost his head.

Saved From Law Or Sin
The law established sin and made us all guilty of sin. Without the law there is no sin. Read the book of Romans chpts 2 thru 8 that explains this is in great detail. Remember Jesus as written in the gospel of John 1 was "the word of God" that became flesh. This is key to understand how and why Jesus Christ who was the living Word of God fullfilled the law and also delivered us from the law of sin. It was God's love and mercy that a New Testament was given to us "The Law of Faith and Grace" only obtained by faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the sin debt for all mankind and each person must redeem it by faith in Christ. God bless you richly in His word.

Laodicea Church Of Today
Some have asked how modern American church is like Laodicea ... Well, Laodicea was a very wealthy city. Jesus' rebuke implied that the church there, like the city itself, trusted in its material wealth, rather than the Lord. Jesus said that you cannot trust both God and mammon. It is no secret that America is very materialistic, and the Church here--particularly evident with the popularity of a distorted "prosperity" gospel--has become materialistic as well.

Can Divorced Christians Remarry
Yes, you are very correct. If we were living like Jesus we would never forsake our spouse when they are in sin. We would pray for their repentance and our restoration since Jesus made us ONE FLESH for life. Instead we are walking in offense (which is a natural fleshly response, BTW) and forsaking God's way of handling our lives. Unfortunately for our witness and for our children, we are instead choosing to forsake the vows we made. We end up joining usually with someone else's spouse/children, taking them as our own---committing adultery ourselves per the word of the Lord. Now, we are no different than the ones who committed adultery against us. In God's eyes, we are just as guilty now. :(

Obama Jewish Passover Meal
Mr. Obama has shown himself NOT to be a Christian. Christian is as Christian does. He cannot even be a "baby" Christian with the policies he pushes. If Christ lived within him, even a "baby" Christian can see that killing babies or withholding lifesaving treatment from a dying baby is anti-christ. He has done everything in his power to distance himself from Christianity.......that itself should speak volumes, no?

Is Remarriage Adultery
Frances, Jesus did not give divorce to man to help deal with "evil" spouses. Divorce was TOLERATED due to man's hardheartedness. Never is it ever spoken of as a remedy for man's sinfulness. And NEVER does scripture then give permission to enter into another "marriage". Jesus calls such unions, adultery. Jesus made it clear that this law/all His laws will stand the test of time (Lk. 16:16-18). EVERYONE who divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery. EVERYONE who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. For those who say an adulterous spouse frees the "innocent" explain Rom. 7:2-3. Paul gave such an example and maintained that DEATH frees one to marry again.

Is Remarriage Adultery
Lee, there are many who ARE convicted of being in adultery after they remarry. I know of quite a few people myself who have either forsaken such relationships or are in the process of doing so. Concerning your statement, I have to ask myself this: why are some NOT convicted, based upon what God's Word says? There are at least 3 reasons: one, the people who confess Christ, though living life like a Christian, are not truly born again. Two, the Lord is dealing with other areas of their life first BEFORE dealing with this area. Third, because they see so MUCH "legalized" adultery and the "church" seems to approve of such unions, they reason away God's Word which states such unions are adultery.

Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good
The fact that Christian evangelism is prohibited in the meeting place should speak much concerning whether the Masonic org is compatible with Christianity. Another troubling this is the wordage of the initiation ceremony in which the new member must state that prior to coming to the "brotherhood", they were in they are in the light. Wow, how could such a statement come from a TRUE Christian when we know it is through JESUS CHRIST that one comes to light and escapes the "darkness". HE is the light of the world...........For the Masonic Organization to state that IT is the "light", is blasphemous!

Starting Dating After Divorce
Miche, Both situations would be equally worse for the professing "Christian". Both IN THE LORD'S eyes are adultery (having unlawful relations with one who is not your spouse). Not only that, but to enter into such a situation is to cause your sister/brother to sin as well, since you are permitting them to sin with you. That is the opposite of what we are called to as Christ followers: "love your neighbor". If we love, we do not cause others to sin. If we love, we help them NOT to sin. We put down our flesh for the good of others and because we love Jesus more than we love our own lives-------if we are truly "born again".

Is Remarriage Adultery

Good posts! Jesus DOES say it is adultery to remarry. What He does NOT teach is that adultery changes into a lawful marriage because one "confesses" the sin. That is man's teaching. It teaches essentially that as long as we confess our guilt (adultery) we can then continue in it. Why doesn't that work with an extra-marital affair?

The truth is this: nowhere in God's Word do we see the second union legitimized while one has a living COVENANT spouse. There are several examples in scripture which show this: David/Michal, Herodias/Philip, priest/covenant wife of Mal. 2.

Who Divorced As A Christian
You are right in one respect, Ginger. Nowhere in scripture do we find where the "church" has the power to dissolve what God has joined together. Jesus says, the two HE has joined together are NO LONGER TWO, but One! Then He commands MAN (including the "church") not to separate what HE has joined together. It matters not how WE define repentance. The scriptures teach us TRUE repentance entails leaving the sin behind, not just confessing it and then continuing in the relationship the Lord identified as "adultery". It is adultery because the original bond has not been severed----by God.

Do You Believe In Ghosts
I feel that there are spirits,both good and evil,and they are around us all the time. God instructed us to test them to see whether they are good or evil, because Satan and his demons can disguise as Angels of Light, I believe our souls are asleep somehow,and when Jesus returns He will awaken the Dead. He tells us they are aware of nothing, it is like going to sleep and next thing you know Jesus will have returned, so I am apt to believe that any "Ghosts" seen are more likely demons in disguise, sent to confuse those and to deceive!! God told us to rebuke those evil spirits in the name of Jesus!! I do not believe in "Ghosts" of humans.I do believe in Evil Spirits and we humans should not become involved in any way with them!!

How Can I Find A Date
The bigger question I have, will we ever hear from you again after you find your true love?
God is not the author of confusion.

Maybe this is a time stop the frantic looking and wait on the Lord. Rest in the Lord. Find your peace in Christ Jesus.
Put your trust in Him.

Prophesying In Tongues
Would if be alright if I asked you what church you are ministering to, Matthew?

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