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Want To Throw My Son Out
A son is a son no matter what he does in life, I had a similar situation as yours and my son wanted to commit suicide so I had to choose between my new mate (step-father) and my son. Guess who I chose my son and I don't regret it. Pray and ask for guidance from God, blessings.

My Marriage Is Failing
Dear sister, first of all I would advice you to seek God's intervention in this situation, after that speak to your pastor to give you some advice about this matter. Then try to get some counceling for you and your husband, but if he doesn't want counceling, then go by yourself. The only thing that I notice is that your husband is unequally yoke, and that is what's causing a barrier between you and him, if all else fails just separate temporarilly, but don't get divorced unless you feel otherwise. God bless you.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
for my own experience my son was being humiliated by my ex-husband and my son was feeling so bad that he wanted to commit suicide so I had to make a choice it was either my son or my husband, I prayed to the Lord and he told me through a christian sister that he was going to set me free, so after much thought and prayers we separated and then I divorced him because he found some other women to replace me. All I can tell you is to pray about this situation, because the bible says that we were not born to be slaves, but to be free, because if Christ set us free why should another human being enslave us. Hope this helps you .

What Is The Third Heaven
First of all ---- Back in the day science was not very advanced. They did not have names for things like we do now. There was no atmosphere, troposphere, etc. During that time in history humans referred to the "first heaven" as what we now know as the regular sky - sun, moon, clouds, weather, etc. The "second heaven" is what we call outerspace - stars, planets, asteroids, etc. And the "third heaven" is what we now call 'Heaven'.
John was taken up PHYSICALLY. He did NOT leave his body.Most theologians believe Paul was taken up in body ALSO like Enoch of Genesis and John of Revelation were. These physical transfigurations or raptures of the physical body is a precursor to the final rapture of the body of Christ.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
Your daughter may be so sickened by knowing her father is also her grandfather that it could turn her off to men altogether. And if your father has not asked forgiveness for this evil he brought against you, then your daughter should never be alone with him as he may go after her too. I would not want to know if my father was my grandfather. YUCK! How horrible it would be for your daughter to learn that. And your dad needs to be put in jail for what he did to you. Neither of you deserved this.

How To Stop Gossip
When you get these people together bring it up to the person who was gossiping about the other person, I can tell you they will be mad at you. But who cares if you want to help that person you have to nip it in the bud. I know I did it recently. I hope it caused a dialogue because the person being gossiped about could not see it. Oh yes I am now on their nasty list, but life is not about every one being in love with you because of your patronizing their tackiness.

How Can God Send People To Hell
God does not send people to hell. Hell is just another word for the grave, the ground.
And hell is a lake of fire, but if Hell is
an eternal flame, how can that be, since at
the last days, Death & Hades (the common grave), will be thrown into the lake of fire. And all the rebel angels, and the devil also. Am I afraid of winding up in Hell? I hate the thought of dying, but I do
love the idea of seeing my precious Jesus.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Adam, the Sabbath has never been done away
with. If you believe the Bible, check out these scriptures. I'm sure they will help you a lot more. Genesis 2:1-3, and follow that with Hebrews 13:8. Those two alone should tell you that the Sabbath is still with us today, and will be with us in heaven

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
...Results very, they broke one of my eggs, another stopped dividing early, there were 2 I think category c-5 another was b-10 (which I really feel is my daughter.) They categorize them by symmetry A is a perfect circle B is next to perfect C, not quite as good as B the number indicates the number of cell divisions that have occurred. I could have had a multiple birth, but at a certain point God takes the whole thing over Continued...

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
... It was really comforting when the tech that does the actual sperm & egg injecting said something similar, she is a Nun. Anyway 2 died and absorbed into my body (just as a lot of pregnancies women have and never even know of) and 1, my daughter attached and grew. I prayed for God to let his will happen, and that if it was his will for us not to have a child to let me be able to accept it in a graceful and understanding manner. I prayed in Jesus Christs name. Continued...

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
... I now have a near perfect daughter (well we think she is perfect) to love and care for daily. My husband and I did not marry until I was 35, I had my daughter 2 weeks before I turned 38. Had I not been so old and tired we would have had a second, sometimes I wish we had, other times I am glad we just have her! I have a video of my daughter when she started cell division. I asked them if it was possible to make a video, which seemed like an unusual request, but they said they could. Continued...

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
... I am so glad we did. The video shows where they cut the tails off of the sperm sucked it into the needle and injected it into my egg. And each day they showed the growth and cell division taking place. My daughter likes to watch her creation. The end!

Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless
My daughter is an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) baby, which is a kind of in vitro fertilization, it is where there is a factor for the male or both parents. They pulled 5 of my eggs (that is all I produced on the fertilization drugs most women produce much more around 30 of 40) and my husbands count was a little low so they took some of his sperm sucked it up this microscopic needle and injected it into my eggs. Continued

I Am Cheating On My Husband
How can you consider yourself a woman of God and committing Adultery; one of the ten commandments that you should not commit. You need deliverance from the spirit of Adultery. You need to repent and ask God to forgive you for your sin in the name of Jesus Name. Take authority over the devil and bind the spirit of adultery and cast it out of yourself and your life in the name of Jesus! Break Satan's stronghold over your life in the name of Jesus! Love your husband with renewed zest!

Tribulation Or Rapture First
Along with Matt 24 you should read 1Cor 15:20-34 and also 51-55. This also deals with the rapture and the order and method of resurrection. Also we are saved, like Noah and his family [we are the family and body of Christ]. The wrath of God, the tribulation, will not hurt us because we [if christians] will have been raptured away before it starts.

Husband Left Me For A Man
I can relate to your problem in that my husband was having an affair with a man he met on the net. I trusted him totally and thought he was just a friend. When I finally learned what was going on I wanted to die for being so trusting with him. He chose me over the man and we are working at putting our lives back together. It is not easy but is working. With Gods help

Did Adam And Eve Incest
God actually made Adam and placed him in the garden before he made the animals, then after animals made a woman. When they sinned Eve was told she would bear children in pain. Then God made male and female [other nations] and told THEM to replenish the earth.

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