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What Is Moral Law
Warwick ... Saying 'Jesus should not be used as an excuse or reason to do bad things" is not the same as saying that Jesus has commanded anyone to do bad things.

I think that Atheist has previously agreed that the man Jesus did not ask anyone to do bad things.

However, he has said man has used God and Jesus as an excuse to do bad things. And that is absolutely true.

Can Christians Be Trusted
Mark, Steveng uses the KJV

False Spirit Experience
Eloy ... However right or false they might be those are doctrines not spirits

What Was Before The Earth
Atheist ... last time you wrote you said you did not believe eloy exists. Now you seem to think there are at least two of him. Are you going to apologise to either for your previous doubt on the issue?

Is God Subject To Our Words
CraigA's own use of english is not perfect. It should be independent.

How To Be Baptized
//Flails// Did Mima mean fails?
//Disgust// Did Mima mean discussed?

Idolatry To Wear A Cross
//If cross wasnt a graven image,then we would find them all over the place created by God// Non sequitur!

//Take up yur cross and follow me// Who said that?

Does God Need Us
Donna //Eloy, the question wasn't Does God need us?//

Donna, the question was //Does the God of the universe need us to accomplish His will on Earth?//

Saved Recognize The AntiChrist
//This world leader gets Israel and the Arabs to sign a uni-lateral peace agreement//

That is an impossibility ... look in the dictionary for the definition of unilateral

Get Salvation At Death
It was perhaps unfair of Alan8566 to pick up on it, but Donna's sentence:

I can't answer for for Mark, but I see many places where obedience is never mentioned by Jesus as a necessary for eternal life, but FAITH is

is wrong, as the word never can't be used in such a sentence

But then I am bit of a ...

I Am Cheating On My Husband
Shira == It was four or five years ago. Maybe by now they will both have learnt that 'honorable' is a more modern (US) variation of the original English 'honourable' and both are correct.

What Is The Grace Of God
Christan, sadly 'proof' is not a verb, except in baking or scientific world, or clothing. You do not proof a fact

Distance Of God And Adam
//While the word of god has many applications on many passages, they only have one meaning, the one God wanted to convey//
But who is to decide what meaning God wanted to convey?

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Eloy ... I understand what you mean when you say "whom" even if the rest of the English speaking world says it should be "who"
In return maybe you will use the name I have chosen for myself here, which is not Pendant.
Thanking you in anticipation ...

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Only Eloy knows how to use the word 'whom' correctly. Websters, Chambers, Oxford, and Fowler all have it wrong

What Is Heaven Like
Donna - maybe the one just copied what the other had said

Vote For Economic Despair
Cluny ... You should not say what is the criteria. It should be are.

What Is A True Christian
Steveng Are you sure it was MarkV who posed the question?

Are Biblical Arguments Justified
Donna ... Yes I am from the seat of the English language. And I have this peculiar (and that has a particular meaning) ability to spot spelling errors in the middle of a page of writing, which is why I noticed you mispelt my name.
Mind you, my fingers are not pedantic, and I need to check carefully what I have typed. So I know how easy the typos are, and don't criticise others' typos ... that's why I was jesting when I mentioned that I am not a hanging feature!!!

Are Biblical Arguments Justified
Donna66 ... I prefer to use the Oxford English Dictionary, & I have never even heard of the Random House Dictionary!
The OED says Pedant is "a person who insists on adherance to formal rules or literal meaning"
I suppose I should repeat my earlier apology //I also apologise for not realising that you would not see that I had written in jest!//

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